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Violin concerto[edit]

  • Bruch, Busoni, Strauss. Violin Concertos. Turban, Shambadal.
    • Contents:
    • Performers: Ingolf Turban, violin; Bamberger Symphony; Lior Shambadal, conductor
    • Label: Claves Records CD 50-9318; released in 1993 (Claves prod. page. Accessed 25 May 2009.)
    • Reviews: Christopher Field in BBC Music Magazine (Online review.; accessed 25 May 2009) awarded this recording 5/5 stars for performance and 5/5 stars for sound. The concerti "are given committed performances by Ingolf Turban, a young talent not short of either lyrical tone or dazzling virtuosity. Busoni's concerto is really the most interesting piece with its occasional parody of Beethoven and Brahms, its fiendishly difficult finale and some wonderful orchestral solos managed masterfully by the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra."

  • Busoni: Violin Concerto; Violin Sonata. Zimmermann.
  • Busoni: Violin Concerto; Orchestral Works. Parikian, Horenstein.[1]
    • Contents:
      • ^ Busoni: Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 35a (1897) BV 243*
      • ^ Busoni: Turandot Suite Op. 41 (1905, 1917) BV 248 (excerpts):
        • IV. "Turandot" Marsch.
        • VI. Tanz und Gesang.
        • VIII. "Altoums Warnung" e "Finale alla Turca" aus der Musik zum fünften Akt.
      • ^ Busoni: Nocturne Symphonique Op. 43 (1913) BV 262
    • Performers: Manoug Parikian*, violin; Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Jascha Horenstein, conductor
    • Recording date and location: 1973?[1] or October 1966, Busoni Festival?[2]
    • Label: Rococo RR 2036 (LP, limited availability)

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