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List of fictional antiheroes
Agent 47
Ada Wong
Alex (A Clockwork Orange)
Tony Almeida
Miguel Alvarez
Char Aznable
Patrick Bateman
Jack Bauer
Kate Morgan (24 character)
Mark Boudreau
Tobias Beecher
Niko Bellic
Bender (Futurama)
Travis Bickle
Big Boss (Metal Gear)
Black Jack (character)
Edmund Blackadder
Eddie Brock
Nicholas Brody
Pinkie Brown
Lincoln Burrows
Harry Callahan (character)
Carmen Sandiego (character)
Henry Chinaski
Rooster Cogburn (character)
Connor (Angel)
John Constantine
The Continental Op
Michael Corleone
Dante (Devil May Cry)
Dante's Satan
Darkman (character)
The Darkness (comics)
Stephen Dedalus
Del Boy
Arthur Dent
Roland Deschain
Daryl Dixon
Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle
Don Draper
Duke Nukem (character)
Raoul Duke
Erik (The Phantom of the Opera)
Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Harry Flashman
James "Sawyer" Ford
Artemis Fowl II
Garrett (Thief character)
Jay Gatsby
Tommy Gavin
Richie Gecko
Seth Gecko
Gordon Gekko
Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
Raylan Givens
Jean-Baptiste Grenouille
Guybrush Threepwood
Mike Hammer
Charlie Harper (Two and a Half Men)
Augustus Hill
Gregory House
Jay and Silent Bob
Spider Jerusalem
Jonah Hex
Charlie Kelly (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
Beatrix Kiddo
Kratos (God of War)
Lelouch Lamperouge
Hannibal Lecter
Lestat de Lioncourt
Omar Little
Lobo (DC Comics)
Macbeth (character)
Machete (character)
Vic Mackey
Magneto (comics)
Kathleen Mallory
Man with No Name
Philip Marlowe
Marv (Sin City)
Dwight McCarthy
Randle McMurphy
Tony Montana
Hank Moody
Dexter Morgan
Captain Nemo
Oh Dae-su
Scarlett O'Hara
Ryan O'Reily
Parker (fictional criminal)
Jesse Pinkman
Snake Plissken
Louis de Pointe du Lac
Captain Price
John Rambo
Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov
Jack Reacher
Malcolm Reynolds
Tom Ripley
Erik Ritter
Max Rockatansky
Rorschach (comics)
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Borat Sagdiyev
Lisbeth Salander
Michael Scofield
Shadow the Hedgehog
The Shadow
Severus Snape
Tony Soprano
Sam Spade
Jack Sparrow
Spawn (comics)
Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
The Stainless Steel Rat
Jax Teller
Nucky Thompson
Emily Thorne
Jason Todd
Sweeney Todd
Dominic Toretto
Frank Underwood (House of Cards)
Francis Urquhart
V (comics)
Damian Wayne
Walter White (Breaking Bad)
Ash Williams
Wolverine (comics)
Whatever - SPACER