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What you can expect from me?
  • I'm not likely to write many articles (yet), though I do edit a few here and there.
  • I spend most of my time here working in RecentChanges, and occasionally NewUsers (filtering out blatant name violations) and New Pages (filtering out blatant spam or junk pages); as well as file CSDs, PRODs and requests for blocks; or jumping into edit wars to try to calm things down, helping my adoptees, or roaming through various places or pages on Wikipedia to get a more well rounded level of experience in everything that goes on here. Though my actions may seem to lack specific direction, they're actually balanced to try to keep my experience levels in different areas roughly equal as I learn more.
    • Besides the special pages above, I also have 500-600 too many pages to count on my watchlist (I start losing count once I've counted across my fingers and toes 60+ times) - these are primarily ones I've run into on RecentChanges multiple times (that were being vandalized), as well as pages that interest me.
      • That means a lot of the articles in editing disputes that I jump into (the talk page conversations) to try to get back on track may not be articles that I have any interest in at all. Sometimes it simply takes that one uninvolved person, who's got no stake in the content, to jump in and help mediate things and help calm things down a bit.
    • Sometimes, my efforts on Wikipedia can seem sporadic. Late spring, and usually early October for instance. I'm rather involved with the earlier mentioned STP2 Production during those times (for two to four weeks each time). That doesnt mean I'm not committed to this, it simply means that during those two time periods, I have other commitments (and then dive right back in during my downtime inbetween)
    • I always try to assume good faith, but that usually does not apply to blatant/repeat violations.
    • To date, zero of my CSDs, PRODs, AIVs or block requests have been denied. Does that mean I'm that great? Heck no!!! It simply means I am very careful, and only use such means when it's a last resort and well deserved. That means going out of my way to try to help new editors (anons and registered alike).
    • I'm always open to discussing any of my vandal fighting activities, even (especially) if you were on the receiving end of a warning from me. Ask me what's up, and I'll be glad to go into more detail. Or let me know how I can improve on such.
      • Yes, I know Huggle is quicker, but (a) it is also more likely I may make a mistake, and (b) I've seen a few test versions that seem to be causing others issues - I'd rather take my time with Twinkle and get it right; especially if it means I am not scaring away a new user that I reverted and templated erroneously using a quicker tool.
    • I'm also always willing to request (on your behalf) or have you request, that someone else reviews my actions, edits and/or conduct - I'm not perfect, I will make mistakes (and I have on at least a couple reverts I can think of), and I am willing to apologize if I do. My first editor review is archived here: User:RobertMfromLI/EditorReviews - don't let it stop you from having someone else review my actions if you think it's necessary. On that note, (to the new editors who do not know how), I'll even file an RfC or AN/I on your behalf against myself or point you to someone else who can help you file one. Never been necessary yet, and I hope to keep it that way.
  • I'm always willing to help out anyone with questions. And if I dont know the answer, I can either help you find it, or help find someone for you who does - or one of my knowledgeable and friendly (talk page stalker)s may just jump in to help out.
  • There are a few editors who's talk pages I do stalk (a small handful). Occasionally, I try to help out when they are busy (assuming they dont mind such on their talk pages). But mostly, I've come across a few very experienced, very levelheaded and very well rounded editors/admins, and hope to learn what I can by watching what they do, how they decide on things and how they understand and interpret Wikipedia's Rules and Guidelines. So... if I follow your talk page, please take it as a compliment. :-)
  • You can always expect that whether I agree or disagree with the premise of your proposed addition to an article, that I will fully support it's inclusion if it meets Wikipedia's Guidelines and Rules. WP:NPOV is something I truly believe in when dealing with such things, as well as trying to prevent my own biases from being reflected in my actions.
  • Sometimes I ramble (didja notice?)... apologies for that... and maybe now you know why I havent worked on article creation yet. ;-)
  • I've been editing Wikipedia sporadically for quite some time (almost since the beginning), but just recently decided to register a username.
    • I have only one account on Wikipedia (unified login across the various Wiki Projects).
  • I've had years of experience dealing with vandalism (Star Trek Phase 2 and OS/2 World Forums) as (formerly) a Moderator and for the last few years as an Admin.
  • I am responsible for ALL of the final edits and article additions to the STP2 website (and occasionally the author of a few) - one day I expect to spend more time doing substantial edits or article creation here.
  • I'm lucky enough I've made contact with a few experienced editors and admins, who've always been willing to help me out, so when I've got questions, I've got people to turn to.
    • I firmly believe that no matter how long someone has been doing something, they still cannot know everything. I'm always (eagerly) willing to learn someone else's perspective, a different way of doing something, or something new. And, I am honest enough with myself to know that when it comes to Wikipedia, there's always new things to learn. And always new things to re-learn. And always opportunities when it's a good idea to ask someone else to explain something just to make sure that my understanding of it is correct - or (equally as important, or maybe more important) gain an understanding of their point of view. Without taking the time to try to understand each other, it's a bit more difficult for this wonderful community to reach it's full potential.