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I long ago left academia behind, so Wikipedia is my "research and academics fix." I don't have as much time as I would like, so my article production is not what it might be. Frankly, I would rather produce one feature-quality article, or help clean up ten articles, rather than write a hundred poor-quality ones. To be blunt, I wish more people felt that way.

I feel that Wikipedia, like a tree, needs regular pruning if it is to grow healthy and strong. I am therefore a moderate deletionist. I do, however, feel that before I propose an article for deletion, I should either attempt to clean it up, or tag it and encourage others to clean it up. To this end, I am starting to keep a list of articles and dates that I marked them for cleanup. As far as I am concerned, if an article hangs around for a month or two and is not cleaned up, that is evidence that it will never be cleaned up and a reason to propose pruning it.

Interests on Wikipedia include:

  • U.S. History.
  • Any scientific subject.
  • Language and Usage.
  • Music
  • Christianity, especially historical and musical (liturgical) subjects.
  • Mythology
  • Law
  • Cleanup and (where necessary) deletion.

Not currently working on Currently working on anything systematically, as my time is limited.

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