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Robert Byrne[edit]

I'm interested in mathematics, politics, technology and the arts. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In mathematics I'm interested in foundations of mathematics, logic, category theory and theoretical computer science.

Cities interest me too, as places to live as well as to visit. I have lived in Dublin, Edinburgh and Toronto, and recently (well, over the last ten years) visited Antwerp, Chicago, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Rome, London, Manchester, Vienna, Paris, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Montpellier, Nîmes, Honolulu and New York City. Nine of these I've visited more than once. In 1993 I visited Moscow and St. Petersburg.

More random likes are creeping in here (I previously deleted music and TV likes from here), but I feel like mentioning that I'm a big stand-up comedy fan, particularly Dylan Moran, Stewart Lee, Eddie Izzard of course, Bill Bailey and Ross Noble, three of whom I've seen live (but which three?!)

My contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

I started the articles:


I created and added this image.

Nathan Phillips Square at night.