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Robertklein192/Nebo Agency
Type of site
Founded 2004
Area served United States
Industry Digital Strategy, Design, Advertising, Marketing
Employees 40+

Nebo is a full service, Atlanta-based digital agency, specializing in web design, search engine optimization, paid search marketing, web development, public relations and social media. The company is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and was named one of Inc. Magazine's 5000 Fastest Growing Companies three years in a row. [1] [2]


President, Adam Harrell, and CEO, Brian Easter, founded Nebo in 2004. The agency was established as a reaction against the flaws the two saw within the advertising and marketing industries. Harrell and Easter wanted to take a human-centered approach to digital marketing, to create an agency that treated clients, employees and vendors in a way they would want to be treated. [3]

In lieu of many standard practices in the marketing industry, Nebo adopted methods that Harrell and Easter felt were beneficial to their clients. This includes using set project fees instead of project estimates, rolling 30-day retainers and no outsourcing. [3]

Today, the company offers digital marketing and web design services to business across the nation, including Fortune 500 companies as well as local, emerging firms. Nebo has experienced substantial growth since it was founded.[1]

Notable Projects[edit]

Choose ATL[edit]

Choose ATL is a community-driven effort to brand Atlanta as the ideal place to live, work and start a company. [4] The concept for Choose ATL was first sparked during a conversation between fellow digital marketers, comparing Atlanta’s growth to the rise of Silicon Valley. Although Atlanta has the 15th largest economy in the world, is poised to have nearly 500k tech jobs by 2018 and is the most entrepreneur-friendly economy in the nation, people are largely unaware of the city’s potential. [5]

Nebo led the way in forming a taskforce of local influencers to share this message. Choose ATL board members include leaders from AMA Atlanta, Atlanta Tech Village, Engauge, Home Depot, Hypepotamus, Invest Atlanta, Metro Atlanta Chamber, Startup Atlanta and Turner Broadcasting, among others. These supporters have provided in-kind donations of time, talent and resources to launch and fuel the campaign. [6] Nebo also created the microsite,, which features a number of resources to educate visitors about Atlanta and to help potential new residents find success, including an interactive neighborhood map, local job listings for a number of digital fields and a live stream of user-generated photos and videos on “Why We Love ATL.”

Since launching in October 2013, the Choose ATL campaign has garnered support from major brands, startup leaders, government representatives and non-profit organizations. The launch event drew more than 300 attendees, and more than 30 million earned media impressions and 10,000 video views were secured within the following three months. In February 2014, Choose ATL joined forces with Startup Atlanta, the independent business authority incubated by the city. [7] This helped move the campaign into a new phase, which has included bringing Choose ATL to SXSW Interactive to host a Lantern Parade modeled after an annual Atlanta tradition. [8]

Nebo Ignite[edit]

Nebo Ignite is a new kind of venture fund. The program takes what the company calls an “anti-VC” approach to venture capitalism that Nebo has named “venture collaboration.” [9] Nebo Ignite aims to foster equal collaboration and reward between itself and entrepreneurs. The company will put the resources of its firm behind start-up projects to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

While most VCs fund projects in exchange for a large share of the profits, Nebo Ignite’s objective is to create mutually beneficial relationships with entrepreneurs. Nebo Ignite is not only a collaboration between the company’s founders and entrepreneurs, but also includes Nebo employees. Every employee, from designers, programmers, digital marketers and even interns, will share in the success of Nebo Ignite projects.

Nebo Ignite will work with entrepreneurs on a variety of projects. Proposed business ideas will be judged based on criteria such as competitive advantage, simplicity, flexibility and other criteria inherent to individual projects. [10]

Eames House 250[edit]

The Eames House is a landmark of mid-20th century modern architecture. Built in 1949, it once served as the home and studio of design pioneers Charles and Ray Eames, and is now preserved by the Eames Foundation, an organization run in part by the renowned couple’s grandchildren. Nebo partnered with the Eames Foundation on a campaign to help preserve the historic home for the next 250 years. [11]

During a TED event 2011 in Palm Springs, Calif., President Adam Harrell met one of Charles and Ray’s grandchildren, Eames Demetrios. While giving Harrell a tour of the Eames House, Demetrios shared the challenges that came with preserving the historic home. Upon hearing about these issues, Harrell developed a plan to help preserve the house by creating and selling limited edition prints on a website designed by Nebo – [12]

In just three months, the campaign raised more than $150,000 towards preserving the historic home. [13] An Authenticity Fund, created by modern furniture innovators Herman Miller and Vitra, matched each donation during the campaign. [14]

Rescue Pledge[edit]

In 2012, Nebo joined forces with client, P.L.A.Y. – a boutique pet bed maker – and animal welfare organization, PetFinder, to create and launch the Rescue Pledge. P.L.A.Y. already had a vested interest in animal welfare, while Nebo had previously done some philanthropic work to help shelter animals become adopted, such as their Digital Dog Adoption Drive. The partners decided to work together on a project to achieve their mutual goal of spreading awareness of the issues facing shelter animals and educating the public about problems associated with adopting from breeders. [15]

The campaign included the development and launch of a microsite that allowed users to share personal shelter dog adoption stories, encouraged them to pledge to adopt their next pet from a shelter and provided them with a social media badge to show their support for animal rescue. As a part of the campaign, Rescue Pledge Facebook and Twitter pages helped engage animal lovers and spread the message. To date, more than 3,500 people have taken the pledge and sparked more than 150,000 online conversations about animal rights.


Nebo’s awards include:

  • Communicator Awards – Gold Award of Excellence for Baynote (2013)
  • Communicator Awards – Gold Award of Excellence for Mobile Mini (2013)
  • Communicator Awards – Gold Award of Excellence for Park 'N Fly (2013) [16]
  • Horizon Interactive Awards – Gold for (2013)
  • Horizon Interactive Awards – Gold for Mobile Mini (2013)
  • Horizon Interactive Awards – Silver for Baynote (2013)
  • Horizon Interactive Awards – Silver for Brand Velocity (2013)
  • Horizon Interactive Awards – Bronze for Complete Roofing (2013)
  • Horizon Interactive Awards – Bronze for Turner Foundation (2013) [17]
  • W3 Awards – Gold in Green for MAGE SOLAR USA (2013)
  • W3 Awards – Silver in Energy for MAGE SOLAR USA (2013)
  • W3 Awards – Silver in Computer/IT: Software for Applied Systems (2013)
  • W3 Awards – Silver in Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit for Second Wind (2013)
  • W3 Awards – Silver in Activism for (2013)
  • W3 Awards – Silver in Activism for The Rescue Pledge (2013) [18]
  • WebAwards – Best Advocacy Website for (2013)
  • WebAwards – Best Energy Website for MAGE SOLAR USA (2013)
  • WebAwards – Outstanding Website for The Rescue Pledge (2013)
  • WebAwards – Outstanding Website for Norit (2013)
  • WebAwards – Outstanding Website for Second Wind Dreams (2013)
  • WebAwards – Computer: Software Standard of Excellence for Applied Systems (2013)
  • WebAwards – Small Business Standard of Excellence for Complete Roofing (2013)
  • WebAwards – Associations Standard of Excellence for Technology Association of Georgia (2013)
  • WebAwards – Blog Standard of Excellence for Nebo (2013) [19]
  • Atlanta Interactive Marketing Awards – Interactive Marketer of the Year – Adam Harrell (2013)
  • Atlanta Interactive Marketing Awards – Rising Star – Kimm Lincoln (2013)
  • Atlanta Interactive Marketing Awards – Most Effective Social Media Campaign for The Rescue Pledge (2013)
  • Atlanta Interactive Marketing Awards – Most Effective Search Engine Marketing for Copart Direct (2013)
  • Atlanta Interactive Marketing Awards – Most Effective Website/Microsite for (2013) [20]
  • Mobile WebAwards - Best Energy Mobile Website for MAGE SOLAR USA (2013) [21]
  • Mobile WebAwards - Outstanding Mobile Website for Applied Systems (2013) [22]
  • Atlanta Marketer of the Year Awards – Search Marketing – Paid Search for Goody (2013) [23]
  • Communicator Awards – Gold Award of Excellence for Chester’s (2012)
  • Communicator Awards – Gold Award of Excellence for Copart Direct (2012) [24]
  • Horizon Awards – Silver in Consumer Information for Park N’ Fly (2012)
  • Horizon Awards – Silver in Ecommerce for JJ Buckley (2012)
  • Horizon Awards – Silver in Self Promotion for Nebo (2012) [25]
  • W3 Awards – Gold in Automotive Websites for Copart Direct (2012) [26]
  • WebAwards – Outstanding Website for Park N’ Fly (2012)
  • WebAwards – Outstanding Website for Nebo (2012) [27]
  • Web Visionary Award – Fantastic Typography for Nebo Website (2012) [28]
  • Atlanta Interactive Marketing Awards – Most Effective Search Engine Marketing Campaign Finalist for Vocalocity (2011) [29]
  • Atlanta Interactive Marketing Awards – Most Effective Use of Website for Flex-Drain (2011)


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