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User:Robertwhyteus is the username for Robert Whyte.--Robertwhyteus (talk) 01:57, 13 April 2011 (UTC)

Update August 2017[edit]

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Update July 2017[edit]

I have been a Wikipedia editor since 2011. I am member of Wikimedia Australia. I have created a few pages and edited (hopefully improved) others. The WYSIWIG editor seems to be working well, I probably prefer using it but still revert to source editing when it gets a bit tricky or is required for example, Talk pages. As a scientist I am interested in arachnology, specifically, Spiders of Australia. I have written a number of books including A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia CSIRO Publishing  and The creek in our backyard: A practical guide for landholders available here: which I don’t believe are in conflict with my Wikipedia editing, but worth mentioning since I update Spiders of Australia pages. I am applying for permission to review / curate new pages, as suggested by Wikipedia editor Nick Moyes, for which I have read the relevant guidelines, but there is a lot to learn.

Update September 2014[edit]

I am a professional writer and editor, born in 1955. I have a strong feeling that Wikimedia and is projects are, as of this writing on Wednesday, 12 September 2014, in a growth phase. I believe this phase will be characterised by a consolidation of many of the world's separate knowledge-gathering-and-publishing efforts into Wikimedia projects, in particular Wikipedia. In my opinion the collaborative, non-hierarchical structure of Wikipedia will have more durability than competing systems for gathering and publishing knowledge.

I find the beta editor is excellent.

Update March 2014[edit]

I have been busy with other projects for the last three years but might have some opportunity to contribute more to Wikipedia in the coming years, I hope. I am watching the WYSIWYG editor with interest, but I still find the edit source easier to use, especially when dealing with references, wiki and other links but I suspect I just need to spend more time at it. I would imagine it is encouraging new people. People who have been around a while might feel comfortable with the old editing process because it is what they learned. There seems to have been a burst of activity around the Queensland Portal and the Labour Organisation Portal back around 2011, but material didn't have much in the way of references. I'd like to help with improving the quality of these pages.