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I love and relate to and engage in classical music (especially contrapuntal harmony like Ich habe genug), cognitive sciences, generative sciences, photography, psychology, epistemology, systems sciences, and digital philosophy. I love and relate and engage in Psychology and psychological sciences, at different levels, both applied and academic. I also relate to digital physics. I compose voice instrumental music and like expressive lyrical improvisational nigun without any words. I also compose instrumental music especially orchestral music for the computer and engage in amateur photography. I relate deeply to Child rights to love, live and grow in his/her family throughout ones complete childhood, with acceptance within the family. And respect the need for every individual to have a family and community with a forgiving society.

Some thoughts[edit]

We need a redefinition of every concept. After all it is all so subjective. —and all in history, the powerful and the victor has suppressed truth to their ability and suiting to their purpose—. Over the years there are a lot of concept which has been handed down - which are in all its fundamental reality not true, but has been regarded right by the masses due to the imposition of the idea; though false; by the power and supreme. But Human Evolution has reached a stage where we need to redefine every concept to its core.

Therefore we have reached another main stage in human evolution — and cognitive sciences, generative sciences, and digital physics is a prelude to the next stage. But the next stage does not mean the end of human evolution — for in the journey towards the optimal, we need a complete reconsideration of assumptions. We therefore need to transcend or more rightly in its relative meaning; redefine the metaphysical term and ideas of the conventional, language oriented concepts of the eternal ideas of time and space; — and the relative idea of reality, and reshape reality in all its essence —. And look at the redefinition of linguistic culture towards a non-linguistic culture, for linguistic culture is the spoken and written alphabetical language in its manifested form. That linguistic culture, or in other words language was the tool of Human progression for a long span of time in human evolution.

That each thing in its relative time and space is valuable and essential and indispensable. But no longer holds true after it runs out its course for which it was created. That culture or language should no longer be the ultimate force of Human existence and this needs to be replaced in the next stage in its greatest entirety through the existence; through and in; the time and space. That chromaticism and atonality is simply this; an integral idea that culture itself has given rise to in order to serve as the inevitable intermezzo towards the progression through the next chapter. That the only feasible way to replace an existing thought or movement is given rise by itself; which has its foundation in the existing movement. That linguistic culture is a great thing which has outlived its time and space; and hence the continuation of it would be illogical and would lead towards it being hypocritical. Or in other words the prolonging of language as the most essential tool of existence is no longer necessary and the further prolongation of whose capability outside its given time would lead to unintended negative outcome.

That truth is so relative and broad so as to not to be able to be inscribed with the tool of language. Because we need to develop new forms of modes of expression to express new or modern ideas, and give old forms of communication its respective place to communicate old ideas. Or else it would lead to a problem less problem.

And that the modes of expression or communication or the grammar set thousands of years ago to communicate the then radical ideas can no longer be used as the modes of expression to express the new fundamentally radical thoughts. That morality no longer holds true; not for not being relatively true, but because it is over the ages become a product, no longer right to its prescription; but in its decadence, a code in all; — biased —. That the realization of every individual being free and having right to live and love in liberty is shrouded by the social elite and their social clique by the skillful use of the alphabetical language. That individual rights no longer lives, and the state of the right of the fundamental right of the fundamental being, ‘the child’, is, in all jeopardy. That, there can be no free thinking, without the realization, of the emotions and ideas, of a child and its rights.


C. Robin J. A


"A sick society is a place where an idea of consensus becomes a valid reason for exclusion" (robin)

Wikipedian ethos[edit]

I am happy to be a wikipedian, and think that the wikipedia is a great process in the exchange and understanding of knowledge and information previously unaccessible and unexplored.

I think that in the long term the wikipedia will not only evolve into the largest repository of knowledge and ideas but also emerge as a representation of diverse yet continuous weltanschauung.

I hope that one day we would have a [| wikicomposers] like wikipedia, where composers throughout the world, who wish to share their music for free, could submit their music for everyone to listen.

Importance of Wikipedia[edit]

There are several other high quality encyclopedias in the world that are well researched and well written. However these hard copies being official versions leave out a lot of controversial topics and also have to take a lot of permissions from several sovereign states for official approval.

The wikipedia is meant to be a repository of knowledge which otherwise would never have been expressed or known, without of course being compromised on authenticity. Else the wikipedia would turn out to be just another official version, and that would be a classic example of the waste of time of literally millions of people around the world.

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