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About Me[edit]

I'm an Irish-born software engineer working in a Dublin-based company I co-own, developing certification and switching software for electronic payment networks. Amongst other things, the software helps to determine whether or not chip cards, point-of-sale terminals and ATM's, together with the private issuer and acquirer systems they connect to, are collectively and individually behaving themselves.

Outside work, my interests include my family and friends, classical and organ music, scientific skepticism (see the Irish Skeptics board, where I'm co-moderator), memetics, cultural and biological evolution, travel, cooking, pizza, comedy, beer, wine, the FSU and its curious satrapies. And much else besides.

Wikipedia Policy[edit]

I add information only when I am sure that it is accurate, and when editing, to clarify only what I know to be inaccurate. I believe that reliable information which can help people make reliable judgments is vital and that WikiPedia's content and policy formulation should favor reliability over policy. I dislike ambiguity and anonymous edits.




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