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The Signpost
25 March 2015

I'm an academic and science writer based in Oxford, England. I read physics at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, but my research interests nowadays are primarily in statistics, (especially Bayesian inference), probability and philosophical logic.

I also have an long-standing interest in the history of science, and science studies, and write on scientific issues for, among others, The Financial Times , New Scientist, BBC Focus and the online magazine The First Post [1].

Following recent experiences of reversions and perverse editing decisions, I have reluctantly joined those academics who can no longer justify spending time working on Wikipedia entries. The following sums up my views.

Given the level of dysfunction that has come to prevail on Wikipedia, the most appropriate course for a principled scientist is to withdraw from the project.

The bureaucracy should either take corrective steps to fix this situation, or else suffer the eventual loss of huge amounts of valuable talent and volunteered resources.

If you agree with this statement, post it to your pages, and pass it on.

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