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Hello there.

I'm curently working on a game design course at the Liverpool Media Academy, and also write music and stories, and participate in voluntary animal work. As a Wikipedian however my main focus is towards work on articles covering mathematics, science (particularly physics and chemistry) and rock music. If you have any qestions about any of my contrabutions, feel free to discuss the issue via my Talk page.

Note that I have very strong views, I am anti-war (and a follower of the White poppy (symbol)), opposed to animal testing, anti-abortion, and have a dislike towards modern youth culture. If you spot me being biased with an edit, you should revert it or reword the parts you think are opinionated (I won't mind). My contrabutions include being the main writer of the article on

I'm also a vegeterian, diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and Depression (and whatever the condition Quetiapine is supposed to treat), English, a guitarist, and a surrealist/derealist.

My favourite bands, or solo artists, include:

And games:

Also, I am a big fan of the works of David Firth, and a big fan of the film A Clockwork Orange.