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The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) doesn't cite references for all their "numbers".

  • Population
    • 2001: 11.9 million (Ontario), 9.66 million (urban, 85%), 1.75 million (rural, 15%)
    • Golden Horseshoe
    • 2005: 12.54 million (Ontario, 38.9%), 32.27 million (nationally)
  • Income
  • Housing - total dwelling units (single family homes), home ownership vs rental
  • Building permits (residential vs non-residential)
  • Internet use [1]
    • 2003: Ontario 68.4% of households surveyed have Internet from any location, vs 64.2% nationally
  • Venture capital [2]
    • 2005: Ontario firms receive $552 million of $1.829 billion invested nationally
  • Maintenance (repairs, alternations)
  • Improvements, capital expenditures
    • 2005: Torontonians spend $4.59 billion -- an increase of eight percent over 2004 -- upgrading and improving their homes according to the Greater Toronto Home Builders' Association and are expected to spend even more this year. (Source: CHBA and Will Dunning Inc.)[3]
    • 2006-09-14: cooling US housing market and higher interest rates putting pressure on furniture manufacturing companies (Furniture Brands, Ethan Allen, Stanley) as consumers postpone or scale back purchases.[4]
    • 2006-09-11: Retailers across the country reported decent to strong Labor Day weekend results. Aggressive promotions a factor. Cautiously optimistic for rest of year.[5]
  • Interest rates, inflation, CAD to USD
    • see
  • Consumer confidence


  • phantom offers (similar to Wiktionary:dummy bid)
  • sold over asking (manipulation of MLS stats)
  • days on market (manipulation of MLS stats)
  • fluffing (lipstick/cosmetic vs underlying structure)
  • open houses (buyer client leads)

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