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Jump to: navigation, search[edit] was created in 2003 by legendary dot-com pioneer OS@M@ (who also created and in an effort to make a "free speech zone" on the internet. has a message board organized into different forum categories, as well as a number of chat rooms moderated by OS@M@ himself.


In 2009, one of the more unruly members of named "Reg" launched an attack on the website in an effort to censor news clippings, as well as restrict the size of avatars.


Using techniques known as "spoofing" and "denial of service operations", Reg was able to wrest control of the website. Reg then began a Maoist regime, severely limiting information and picture sizes.

By the summer of 2009, OS@M@, along with other members lending covert help, counterattacked Reg and his henchmen, inflicting catastrophic defeats on Reg's poorly organized forces. As of July 9th 2009, Reg still retains his ability to ban IP addresses, but can not seem to stop the attacks by proxy and has called for a general retreat.


I will fight Reg!