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18 August 2016



Hej! I'm Rochelimit. First thing first, I'm a guy! ;)

My interests include: animals, anthropology, architecture, astrology, astronomy, biology, city/urban life, classifications, cultures, folklores, geography, Greek mythology, Ireland, lists, Martyrology, monster, music, National parks of Indonesia, nature, New Zealand, photography, piano, planet, Renaissance, research, Roman Catholic saints, Roman cities, satellites, snow, Solar System, Symbology, tables, universities, urban design, urban planning, Victorian architecture, world festivals.

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My cities[edit]

Cities of my life and profession:

Cities and towns I've visited

My contacts[edit]

  • Elekhh, elevate some of my started article into DYK. A very helpful user.
  • Marek.69 talk, welcomes me to Wikipedian community for the first time
  • Materialscientist, helped me with the DYK
  • Ks0stm, who helped me edit an article for the first time.
  • Redtigerxyz Talk , my first reviewer
  • SatuSuro, helped me with revaluation and refining articles
  • Merbabu, Indonesia article maintainer
  • Mikael07, first Tarot
  • Mufka, H&O observances Saturn
  • Winston365, H&O observances Jupiter
  • Siska.Doviana Influential id.wikipedia people :-o
  • Ilvon, "toponomy" and Chinese astrology problem

My gallery[edit]

[Wikimedia Commons uploads]

Favorite gallery[edit]

Article under construction[edit]

My started article[edit]

Bold means it is featured DYK.

Article Added
Aceh Museum February 21, 2013
Batavia Castle November 8, 2015
Fort Belgica November 19, 2015
Fort Oranje (Ternate) November 17, 2015
Fort Rotterdam November 19, 2015
Fort Tolukko November 19, 2015
Gedung Antara March 25, 2015
Grand Mosque of Bandung November 14, 2015
Grand Mosque of West Sumatra November 13, 2015
Great Mosque of Palembang November 13, 2015
Great Mosque of Sumenep November 13, 2015
Great Mosque of Surakarta November 13, 2015
Kasunyatan Mosque November 14, 2015
The Plaza Semanggi June 12, 2016
Sultan of Ternate Mosque November 14, 2015
Sumbanese traditional house November 8, 2015
Wapauwe Mosque November 8, 2015

Aceh Tsunami Museum • All Saints Church, Jakarta • Bahtera Bakti Vihara • Balinese traditional house • Bandung Cathedral • Bank Mandiri Museum • Bendungan Hilir (first article, kinda regretful after making this) • Bintaran • Cirebon City Hall • Fine Art and Ceramic Museum • Gambang kromong • Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital • Gedung Kesenian Jakarta • Groeneveld (estate) • Indies Empire style • Jakarta Planetarium • Javanese traditional house • Karimunjawa National Park (intense one) • Kauman Great Mosque • Kologdam Building • Kunstkring Art Gallery • List of beaches in Indonesia • List of church buildings in Indonesia • List of colonial buildings and structures in Jakarta • List of lighthouses in Indonesia • List of museums and cultural institutions in Indonesia • Maritime Museum (Indonesia) (first collaboration with [yin flickr user])  • Museum of National Awakening • Museum Perumusan Naskah Proklamasi • Museum Sang Nila Utama • National Gallery of Indonesia • New Indies Style • Pieter Adriaan Jacobus Moojen • Rangkiang • Rumah Cililitan Besar • Sadurengas Museum • Sasana Wiratama • Sri Baduga Museum • St. Joseph's Church, Semarang • St. Paul's Church, Jakarta • Taman Prasasti Museum • Taman Sari (Yogyakarta) • Textile Museum (Jakarta) • Toko Tio Tek Hong • Villa Nova • Waterkasteel (Batavia) • West Nusa Tenggara State Museum

My article expansion[edit]

Bold means it is featured DYK.

Article Expanded
Ambarawa Railway Museum January 8, 2010
Bahal temple November 29, 2015
Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (thanks Elekhh) January 1, 2010
Cempaka Putih February 11, 2010
Colonial architecture of Medan March 5, 2016
Dutch Indies country houses February 22, 2015
Fort Marlborough August 27, 2013
Gambir, Jakarta January 31, 2010
Jakarta History Museum December 29, 2009
Kemayoran March 1, 2010
List of mosques in Indonesia December 31, 2012
Rumoh Aceh December 30, 2015

Jakarta • Kotagede • Menteng • Mount Papandayan • National Museum (Indonesia) • Rebana • Senen • Singa (mythology) • Surabaya Zoo • Tanah Abang • Wayang Museum

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