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You know that human-user-verification-thingy that makes you enter in some randomly-generated word to make an account? Mine said Rockdozen. Mystery solved.


After realizing I was slowly developing an addiction to soul-eating, brain-cell-destroying internet games, I decided to stop my downward spiral of self-destruction and looked around for a socially-acceptable alternative. I finally reached into my past for inspiration, hefted my Righteous Sword of Copyediting (passed down through three generations of women in my family - it glows blue when typos are near) and have been waging a quiet, wee-hours-of-the-morning wiki war against it's/its errors and unreadable language ever since. I hardly miss Tetris.

I'd like to get more involved with editing as I go along - still a little iffy on some wikipedia policies/procedures, tho, and absolutely clueless about the use of bots/tools/etc, so help from experienced editors is always helpful!

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