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In protest mode.

I, Rockero,[1] am a full-time educator and part-time researcher.


I also have a real name and identity. You can probably find them if you look hard enough, but since some of the topics I edit are politically sensitive, (to say the least), I prefer to maintain a degree of anonymity.


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Besides the languages listed in the Babel box, I have also made elementary studies of Latin, Hebrew, Greek, and Nahuatl, but I don't know them well enough to merit even the "level one" designation.


I received the best education that Southern California public schools can provide. Upon graduation from high school, I attended a community college before transferring to a public university, where I received a Bachelor's degree in French. I subsequently enrolled in a Master's in Education and teaching credential program, graduating in 2007. Throughout my youth and young adulthood, I have supplemented my formal education through independent study.

Some of you may find it interesting that I have never taken a course in Chicano studies.


I have found numerous ways to support myself, most of which involve selling my time and labor. I have worked in retail, but the jobs that I have enjoyed and that I feel have informed my identity have been in the fields of education, politics, and information services. I have worked in a world-class research library, which has taught me a significant amount about the research process and allowed me access to numerous primary-source documents. At times, I have used this knowledge and access to improve Wikipedia articles.


Some of you may recognize my handle from internet discussions about illegal immigration to the United States. I am a defender of the rights of migrant workers to exist, work, organize, collectively bargain, and raise and educate their children in the United States, regardless of their legal status.

Current activites[edit]

I am currently very busy. I still occasionally find time to edit Wikipedia articles.

Other interests[edit]

Besides reading, researching, and writing for Wikipedia, I enjoy political activism (in favor of peace, human rights, sustainable economics, and against environmental degradation) travel, hiking, creating and viewing works of visual art, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.


If you want/need to contact me, the best way to do so is with a message at the bottom of my talkpage. You can also e-mail me (click "E-mail this user" in the toolbox on the left side of my userpage), although I prefer to communicate about wiki-related issued via talkpages. If privacy is a necessity, then by all means e-mail me.