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Hello, I'm Darren Logan, better known around these parts as Rockpocket. My professional interest is in olfaction, taste, pheromones and how they mediate innate and learned behaviours, metabolism and nutrition. I contribute to articles in this area occasionally (see, for example, Major urinary proteins) but tend to edit across diverse range of subjects that I have a non-professional interest in.

I was editing Wikipedia intensively between December 2005 and July 2008. Due to other demands on my time I contribute less frequently now, but I am still active and can still be reached by email or on my talk page. I believe that academics and other science professionals should embrace Wikipedia and contribute their expertize. With some Wikipedian colleagues I've written a guide, WP:10SIMPLERULES, to get scientific experts editing Wikipedia. Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia, was also published in the September 2010 issue of PLoS Computational Biology.

I have an alternate account, Rockpocket too (talk · contribs) that I use for certain purposes.

My Contributions[edit]

An incomplete, unordered selection of some of my more significant contributions (Featured article, Good article, selected for DYK, page I created):

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My works in progress[edit]

Projects I am currently working on:


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