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An experienced wikipedian, I have particular interests in the geography, history and architecture of Somerset and surrounding areas of South West England.

About Me[edit]

I was born in Ramsgate & brought up in Margate went to the University of Surrey and then trained as a nurse at Frimley Park Hospital before undertaking various courses and jobs in Accident and Emergency in the National Health Service. Qualifications from Bournemouth University and London South Bank University followed along with jobs for the NHS and University of Sheffield.

I am now living in the Chew Valley, south of Bristol. I work for the University of the West of England Faculty of Health and Life Sciences specialising in evidence based practice. I'm also a member of the British Computer Society, Royal College of Nursing, Higher Education Academy, Avon Wildlife Trust, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and various other bodies. All edits I make to wikipedia, wikicommons, etc are my individual contribution and do not represent my employer or any other organisation I am a member of.

I have four kids with very varied ages and interests, who have all used Wikipedia for homework! Hobbies include juggling, Real ale and travel.

Find out more at RodSpace & my Informaticopia Blog

Personal to do list (help welcome)[edit]

Remember the tune-up work we did on Chew Valley and Chew Valley Lake? We're slowly working forward through the oldest unreviewed FAs, and these next ones that you nominated are on the current working list:

  1. Mendip Hills  Done
  2. Bath, Somerset  Done
  3. Buildings and architecture of Bristol  Done
  4. Exmoor  Done
  5. River Parrett  Done
  6. Somerset  Working (needs prose check & demographics updating)
  7. Sweet Track  Working

Depending on how well you've been able to keep up with them over the years, they may need some work to ensure they're up-to-date, have adequate sourcing and proper image permissions, comply with MOS, the prose is in good shape, etc. There's no rush, and the order doesn't matter. I will help however you like; just ping me where you need me. Thanks again for your work updating the Chew articles! Maralia (talk) 16:15, 1 May 2015 (UTC)

Subject matter you might find me writing about[edit]

Most of my edits are to articles about South West England, especially Somerset and tend to be about geography, industrial or architectural history and related topics but also relate to other areas of interest and places I've travelled to. I'll edit almost anything as I come across it.

My main current areas of activity are;

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

To help I have quite a few books about the local area. If you want me to look anything up in them for wikipedia articles just let me know.

My history and activity on wikimedia[edit]

You can find statistics on my editing activity here I made my first edit on 29 October 2004 and as of 12 March 2006 had made 973 edits, including getting one article, Chew Valley Lake to Featured Article Status. During the next few months edits increased (am I becoming a Wikipediholic?) and by July 2006 had over 2000 edits with another article Chew Valley making it to Featured Article Status and a couple of others gaining Good article status. By October 2006 the count was over 4000 edits and two lists List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Somerset and Locks on the Kennet and Avon Canal having achieved featured status. Various edits also made it into the Did you know section. During the later part of 2006 and early 2007 my editing activity increased, particularly around the Mendip Hills, Wikipedia:WikiProject Bristol, particularly Buildings and architecture of Bristol and I also joined Wikipedia:WikiProject UK Waterways. By April 2007 I passed the 9000 edit mark, and helped make Mendip Hills a featured article and Grade I listed buildings in Bristol a featured list.

My 10,000th edit was the start of a new article on the Bristol Byzantine architectural style and happened on 19 May 2007, and the 11,000th to update my userbox of Good Articles to 8 following the promotion of Somerset Levels on 6 July 2007. 12,000 – 15,000 went past in a hurry during August (although I was on holiday & at a conference in Brisbane where I edited Queensland Maritime Museum among others). September and October 2007 were mostly related to the creation of Wikipedia:WikiProject Somerset and the initial assessment of approximately 2000 articles. During October 2007 Buildings and architecture of Bristol became the fourth article on which I had done serious editing to become a Featured article.

The start of 2008 saw Exmoor and Somerset achieving FA status and on 3 February I passed 20,000 edits while creating stubs for villages on the Somerset WikiProject "to do" list. Edits around 22,000 and 23,000 were work on the new Wikipedia:WikiProject Museums particularly setting up templates and guidelines for the initial assessment of thousands of articles.

24,000->28,000 edits went past with mostly low level editing, particularly to stubs within Somerset but I did manage to get a few more DYKs & GAs, and maintenance tasks for Wikipedia:WikiProject Somerset and Wikipedia:WikiProject UK geography. One specific achievement during that period was getting Physical geography of Somerset to Featured topic status. 28,000->33,000 included getting all parishes in Somerset to at least start class, and creating new articles (with accompanying DYKs etc which took me past the 50 DYK mark) while working on getting List of Grade I listed buildings in West Somerset to featured list status.

33,000–36,000 continued in much the same way with DYKs going past 60 and with 5 of the lists at List of Grade I listed buildings in Somerset becoming featured. I also joined the new WP:HSITES. Reaching 37,000 edits included completing the creation or improvement of the articles for all Grade I listed buildings in Somerset and getting the lists of them to FL.

The 40,000 edit mark was during December 2009 and included getting Grade I listed buildings in Somerset to GA and getting all of these to Featured Topic, and various other maintenance and development work almost exclusively relates to Somerset articles. Edits 40-45,000 involved a personal challenge to get all settlements in Somerset with over 5,000 population to GA and getting River Parrett to FA along with various other edits to Somerset geography, museum and similar articles, including more DYKs.

45,000-50,000 continued in the same vein including getting Sweet Track to FA and nearly completing the challenge of getting settlements in Somerset with over 5,000 population to GA and various further DYKs. I also helped get WikiProject Wiltshire up and running and started some articles for churches under the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. My 50,000th edit was putting up List of churches preserved by the Churches Conservation Trust in South West England.

Me with Jimmy Wales, Bristol 13 January 2011. Photo by User:Jezhotwells

In January 2011 I got an opportunity to meet Jimmy Wales and local wikipedians in Bristol and attend his public talk at the Victoria Rooms. One of the purposes of the day, apart from celebrating wikipedia's 10th birthday was to encourage outreach and as part of that I was interviewed by BBC Focus and the New Statesman. The city council has webcast the talk - my question is at 53:22. There are also videos of interviews with MartinPoulter, Ghmyrtle and myself on the same day

On March 19th I participated in the first Bristol Wiki Academy. (see my blog post). From October 2011 to June 2012 I took a wikibreak as my wife needed major surgery for a brain tumour and my elderly father had multiple admissions to hospital and then I needed to help him move into a nursing home and sell his house. Editing continued for the rest of 2012 (although at a slower rate) continuing mostly on Somerset related articles, including keeping an eye on the cleanup list and converting lots of stub articles to start class.

Editing continued in much the same vein during 2013 but included participation in the WikiCup for the first time (reaching round 3). I also got quite heavily involved in the UKs first participation in the Wiki Loves Monuments competition, not just uploading several hundred photographs but also helping with the preparation of suitable lists using appropriate templates etc.

Participants in the Train the trainers workshop

I again participated in the Wikicup during 2014. At the beginning of February I attended a weekend workshop organised by Wikimedia UK to "Train the Trainers", as part of an initiative to accredit volunteers to run training for other potential editors across a range of projects. It was held in Cardiff deliberately to enable those living in Wales and the south west of England to participate. Most of 2014 went past with further editing of Somerset articles and in October I passed the landmark of editing wikipedia for more than ten years.

In 2015 I again participated in the wikicup progressing to the final for the first time, but loosing a a (600pt) FAC got bogged down in a complex discussion about copyright/fair use, ownership and legal status between wp and commons. A significant piece of work (larger than I initially thought) was to review all the FAs I have nominated years ago to ensure they still meet current FA criteria and standards. I agreed to do a workshop for Wikimedia UK which was held at the University of Exeter in July. For this purpose I have set up another account at User:Rodw (training) without all the gadgets and changes I have made to this account over the last 10 years. In September I attended the first Wikipedia Science Conference. In October I was nominated as Editor of the Week, an unexpected honour. I agreed to act as trainer for an event at Gloucester Archives in November.

I decided not to enter the wikicup in 2016 and have tackled the cleanup listings for Somerset and Bristol getting them from 400+ tagged articles to less than 100 each. Bristol achieved FA status on 31 December 2015 and appeared as TFA on 7 March 2016 for which I did some promotional press releases and interviews. During the summer I helped to set up and then took part in the The West Country Challenge. In 2017 I continued with articles about the local area and again took part in the WikiCup, withdrawing in the third round after my daughter suffered a spinal injury and my time became more limited. As well as continuing my usual content contributions, I started doing more to resolve the massive disambiguation backlogs. After being used as an example in the debates about vetting and the Optional RfA candidate poll/Poll candidate search, I put myself up in the system and received very positive comments from a range of editors. My 100,000th edit was to create the article for the Church of St Mary, Cheddon Fitzpaine.

My (out of date) wp picture gallery - see also my contributions on commons.

Real name: Rod Ward Email: Home page: Location: Chew Valley, UK
Wikimedia UK logo.svg I'm a member of Wikimedia UK
We are a group of local Wikimedians helping to create
"a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge".
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My Geography[edit]

Awards etc[edit]

Achievements in the format for "Crown Awards"[edit]


working towards Genghis Khan Edition Conquest of the Wiki World Triple Crown upgrade from Alexander the Great Edition Triple Laurel Crown (and all previous)