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(Combinatorial) Graph algorithms[edit]

Graph search problem and basic algorithms
Graph traversal
Tree traversal
Search algorithm
Breadth-first search
Depth-first search
Eulerian path
Bridge (graph theory)
More specialized search algorithms
Depth-limited search
Iterative deepening depth-first search
Lexicographic breadth-first search
Uniform-cost search
Graph search applications
Bipartite graph
Connected component (graph theory)
Biconnected component
Strongly connected component
Kosaraju's algorithm
Tarjan's strongly connected components algorithm
Path-based strong component algorithm
Shortest-path algorithms
Shortest path problem
Shortest path tree
Dijkstra's algorithm
Floyd–Warshall algorithm
Bellman–Ford algorithm
Johnson's algorithm
Shortest-path applications
Transitive closure
Spanning trees
Minimum spanning tree
Kruskal's algorithm
Prim's algorithm
Borůvka's algorithm
Reverse-delete algorithm
Network flows
Flow network
Maximum flow problem
Circulation problem
Ford–Fulkerson algorithm
Edmonds–Karp algorithm
Dinic's algorithm
Push–relabel maximum flow algorithm
Minimum-cost flow problem
Nowhere-zero flow
Multi-commodity flow problem
Applications of maximum-flow
Max-flow min-cut theorem
Menger's theorem
König's theorem (graph theory)
Hopcroft–Karp algorithm
Blossom algorithm
Karger's algorithm
Programming paradigms
Greedy algorithm
Dynamic programming
Hill climbing
Supplementary topics
Modular decomposition