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Rolinator is a contributor to geological pages and economic geology.

He does not bite.


Rolinator was born to a fainting goat and a cephalopod, sometime in the Permian. Brought up by wolves in the Roman tradition, Rolinator learned the intricacies of rocks, beer, vodka and vomiting. His formative years were spent in intense reflection, study and often astride a stinking, belching drill rig washing rock chips for fun and profit (mostly profit).

Rolinator has lived in several locations. Born in Sydney, Australia, he moved to some hick-ass town full of bogans, thence to a town full of egomaniacs and retirees, then to glorious Brisvegas, to the Labyrinth, spent some time in the salt mines in the middle of nowhere, back to Brisvegas, and thence onwards to Hamunaptra.

Finding local female life forms somewhat tarty, he scored Maximum Geek Cred and imported an Internet Bride from America.

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