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19:43, Saturday January 20 2018 (UTC)

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My Interests on Wikipedia[edit]

I generally enjoy focusing on articles dealing with political science, international relations, nuclear strategy, and current events. I also, on occasion, rescue orphans—understanding that links and traffic are key to the improvement of an article. I have created one article: Volunteer military.

My Wikipedian Philosophy[edit]

I am fascinated with Wikipedia and its free and open nature. I see it as profoundly revolutionary.

I am a moderate inclusionist, and so I see excessive exclusionism and deletionism as a problem. I see the value in both eventualism and immediatism. However, I do not believe that immediatists should unilaterally delete articles or exclude information—they should immediately improve them. From what I have seen so far, exclusionists and deletionists hold the upper hand here at Wikipedia because it is easier to remove information or delete articles than it is to invest time and effort in improving them.

One problem I have noticed regarding mergism is that as the information under a subtopic grows, there is a tendency to trim that information down because it overshadows the rest of the article. The problem then is not that the subtopic is too long, but that the main article is too short—not voluminous enough to balance out the particular subtopic. To counteract this editorial trimming, in some cases I would advocate the creation of a new article, in which such editorial trimming is unnecessary and new information can be added without hesitation.

I find some of these essays interesting and useful, as well as Raul's list of laws. — templates
I'm also working on User:Rollo44/Don't just stand there. Feel free to contribute to it.

I will try to compile a list over time of articles which I deem acceptable, but which others regard as borderline. I may not personally find some articles interesting or of value, but I respect the curiosity of others and their faith that Wikipedia can inform them.

Users I have come across or whose work I have come across:[edit]

Jayzel68CzjWilsonjrWikipediaJohn ReavesSwidEricg

users with excellent user page ideas: Anthony cfcEssjayDaniel.BryantTone

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