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Fresh-out of the box Windows 2000 files in bold[edit]

  • AcroTray.exe (860K) (PID=876) installed with Adobe Distiller
  • csrss.exe (1308K) (PID=164) (becomes CSRSS.EXE with SP4)
  • explorer.exe (1732-2068K) (PID=696) (becomes PID=716, 6432K)
  • hidserv.exe (1160K) (PID=464) (becomes PID=492)
  • lsass.exe (948-960K) (PID=224) (becomes LSASS.EXE 640K)
  • msiexec.exe (3124-3128K) (PID=252) (disappears with SP4)
  • mstask.exe (1756K) (PID=520) (becomes PID=560 2616K with SP4)
  • regsvc.exe (812K) (PID=500) (becomes PID=540 with SP4)
  • services.exe (5724-5420K) (PID=212) (becomes SERVICES.EXE with SP4)
  • smss.exe (344K) (PID=140) (becomes SMSS.EXE with SP4)
  • SPOOLSV.EXE (2388K) (PID=412) (becomes spoolsv.exe 3348K PID=440 with SP4)
  • svchost.exe (1964K) (PID=384) (becomes PID=412 with SP4)
  • svchost.exe (3884-3860K) (PID=444) (becomes PID=472 with SP4)
  • svchost.exe (5092K) (PID=632)
  • System (16-212K) (PID=8)
  • System Idle Process (16K) (PID=0)
  • taskmgr.exe (1652K) (PID=652) (becomes TASKMGR.EXE PID=392 1828K with SP4)
  • winlogon.exe (920-940K) (PID=184) (becomes WINLOGON.EXE 1156K with SP4)
  • WinMgmt.exe (656-808K) (PID=608) (installedwith SP4)

Extras for custom build[edit]

  • AcroTray.exe 912K
  • VTTimer.exe 824K
  • VTTrayp.exe 2164K
  • TFT.exe 5360K
  • raid_tool.exe 2528K