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Awards and decorations[edit]

Width-44 myrtle green ribbon with width-3 white stripes at the edges and five width-1 stripes down the center; the central white stripes are width-2 apart
Bronze oak leaf cluster
Bronze oak leaf cluster
Bronze oak leaf cluster
Bronze oak leaf cluster
Width=44 scarlet ribbon with a central width-4 golden yellow stripe, flanked by pairs of width-1 scarlet, white, Old Glory blue, and white stripes
1st Row
Army Commendation Medal
Air Force Commendation Medal
Organizational Excellence Award
2nd Row
Air Force Good Conduct Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Air Force Overseas Short Tour Service Ribbon
3rd Row
Air Force Longevity Service Award
Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon
Air Force Training Ribbon

Fresh-out of the box Windows 2000 files in bold[edit]

  • AcroTray.exe (860K) (PID=876) installed with Adobe Distiller
  • csrss.exe (1308K) (PID=164) (becomes CSRSS.EXE with SP4)
  • explorer.exe (1732-2068K) (PID=696) (becomes PID=716, 6432K)
  • hidserv.exe (1160K) (PID=464) (becomes PID=492)
  • lsass.exe (948-960K) (PID=224) (becomes LSASS.EXE 640K)
  • msiexec.exe (3124-3128K) (PID=252) (disappears with SP4)
  • mstask.exe (1756K) (PID=520) (becomes PID=560 2616K with SP4)
  • regsvc.exe (812K) (PID=500) (becomes PID=540 with SP4)
  • services.exe (5724-5420K) (PID=212) (becomes SERVICES.EXE with SP4)
  • smss.exe (344K) (PID=140) (becomes SMSS.EXE with SP4)
  • SPOOLSV.EXE (2388K) (PID=412) (becomes spoolsv.exe 3348K PID=440 with SP4)
  • svchost.exe (1964K) (PID=384) (becomes PID=412 with SP4)
  • svchost.exe (3884-3860K) (PID=444) (becomes PID=472 with SP4)
  • svchost.exe (5092K) (PID=632)
  • System (16-212K) (PID=8)
  • System Idle Process (16K) (PID=0)
  • taskmgr.exe (1652K) (PID=652) (becomes TASKMGR.EXE PID=392 1828K with SP4)
  • winlogon.exe (920-940K) (PID=184) (becomes WINLOGON.EXE 1156K with SP4)
  • WinMgmt.exe (656-808K) (PID=608) (installedwith SP4)

Extras for custom build[edit]

  • AcroTray.exe 912K
  • VTTimer.exe 824K
  • VTTrayp.exe 2164K
  • TFT.exe 5360K
  • raid_tool.exe 2528K