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Agile Toolkit
Developer(s) Romans Malinovskis
Stable release
4.2.1 / June 4, 2012 (2012-06-04)
Development status Production
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Web application framework
License AGPL

Agile Toolkit is a PHP Programming Language for developing Interactive Web Applications. Inspired by Desktop Toolkits (QT, Cocoa, .NET) it provides clever web application framework for developers with any skill level. Agile Toolkit is free for open-source projects and has commercial support.


Agile Toolkit consists of number of close-coupled classes implementing a commonly used features in web application, such as:[1]


Agile Toolkit has been developed privately for over 10 years by Romans Malinovskis. Version 4.0.1 was released under AGPL in February 2011. Starting with no user-base at the time, Agile Toolkit has gained over thousands users in first 10 months.[2][3]

Community Support[edit]

Agile Toolkit developer community evolves around StackOverflow[4] and Google Group[5]

Commercial Sponsor[edit]

The development of Agile Toolkit is sponsored by Agile Technologies[6] and by some other companies[7].

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