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Hi there. My name is Romeo in love. Obviously, I like the play Romeo and Juliet. I began editing Wikipedia in late May 2007. So far, I like it here a lot. I look forward to improving in my contributions as time passes. I am a student, so I have a good amount of knowledge in all subject areas.

I have a pretty good knowledge of online communities, since I participate in various forums myself. I am a frequent participant in a forum that helps teenagers to deal with various things such as relationships, puberty, families, abuse, etc. Maybe I can get around to editing those articles when the time comes.

So what am I up to??? Well, I am now currently helping out some editors in their goals to make William Shakespeare a Featured article. I am also taking on the task to improve Romeo and Juliet. Eventually, I think I want to edit Salmonellosis and various articles about social issues.