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I am a retired professor of the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in Toronto, interested in mediaeval science (mathematical astronomy; astrolabes) and the Algarve, in Portugal, where I spend my "winters".

Since the Widipedia project is now becoming the first source of reference for both students and teachers (at all levels, formal or informal) it seems to me that it is important to get things right.

My contributions are to those topics about which I know something, mainly in the history of (medieval) science.

I am also building up the pages dealing with my local area of the Algarve using sources available in the Portuguese Wikipedia. As usual I am finding that the reference books I want are "on the other side of the ocean", a problem not unique to my work here.

B.A. (Toronto), 1968: Honours History
M.A. (Toronto), 1970: History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
M.B.A. (Toronto), 1993: Management
D.Phil. (Oxon.), 1975: Modern History

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