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For your many strong, honest and brave actions!
Hi Ronline, I would like to award you the 'Outspoken Barnstars' for defending 'Category:Wikipedians by politics.' Thanks! Larix 12:39, 25 December 2005 (UTC)
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Welcome. I'm here to help.
2006. Hea energia aasta.

Hi! I'm a sysop at the Romanian Wikipedia and, as of December 2, 2005, sysop on the English Wikipedia. I'm also a member of the Mediation Committee as of January 2006. If you:

  • Have any question about Wikipedia, feel free to talk to me on my talk page
  • Would like me to mediate a dispute, please contact me on my talk page or launch a request for mediation
  • Feel that I have taken inappropriate admin action and would like to appeal, feel free to contact me via user page, or if not possible, via e-mail (click on "E-mail this user" in the toolbox).
  • Want to find out my complete admin action log, see here
  • Want me to investigate a case of user misconduct or feel you have been mistreated by another admin, feel free to leave a message on my talk page

I currently live in Taipei, Taiwan.

Personal views[edit]

I'm a liberal in the social sense and a centrist in the economic sense. Therefore, I support quite strongly things like minority rights, abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia as well as individual liberties, and I'm against the death penalty. I'm atheist and strongly support the separation between the church and state, and I abhor it when the law involves itself in moral issues, particularly victimless crimes (although I strongly support public smoking bans, since smoking indirectly causes so many victims). On economic issues, I support free-market economics, even though I also believe workers' rights should be guaranteed. I'm in favour of flat tax, particularly of the flavour that was recently introduced in Romania, in 2005.

In Romanian politics, I support the governing Justice and Truth Alliance, made up of the National Liberal Party and the Democratic Party, even though I support the Liberal part of the Alliance much more than the Democratic part, which I believe is becoming more right-wing and populist. I'm against the merger of the Liberals and the Democrats, since I believe their ideologies differ fundamentaly, and there is need for a truly liberal party in Romania.

I'm somewhat against the Social Democratic Party, rather against the Christian-Democratic People's Party and the Liberal Democratic Party and particularly dislike the Conservative Party and the New Generation Party. At the European level, I support most of all the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party, and to an extent the Party of European Socialists and the Party of the European Left. I also sympathise with green politics. I generally don't hold common views with the European People's Party-European Democrats and with the Union for a Europe of Nations.

I support granting regional autonomy to the Szekely Land, with Romanian and Hungarian both being official languages of equal status, where there would be a devolved Szekely assembly and a Szekely government, including a chief minister. I believe that ethnic Hungarian deputies in the Romanian parliament should have the right to give their oath in Hungarian, as per the Welsh model.

I support the independence of Transnistria as a multi-ethnic state that offers equal right to all of its constituent people (something akin to Belgian model). This doesn't mean at all that I support the current Smirnov government in Transnistria.

I support the creation of an independent Republic of Taiwan and the establishment of a friendly, mature relationship between the PRC and Taiwan. In a Taiwanese context, I support the Democratic Progressive Party. At the same time, I do not believe in Tongyong Pinyin; for standardisation purposes, I support Hanyu Pinyin as a universal romanisation for Mandarin.

I've been called patriotic by many people, and I love Romania. At the same time, I also see myself strongly as an European citizen and believe in an united Europe. Hence, I see myself as equally Romanian and equally European. I don't, however, believe too much in nationalism, and I definitely don't support the politics of the Great Romania Party. I suppose I'm also an allophile.

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