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Dear idle reader!

Room 608, in german Zimmer 608, ist the title of a Horace Silver composition, that he composed in room 608 of his hotel. It uses the rhythm changes, has a pedal f in the intro, a bridge that uses the subdominant instead of the dominant line. It is not famous, played uptempo and a nice Hard Bop piece.

Farewell! Roomsixhu (talk)

Linguistic Help: Gerund

My main contribution is a translation: Jazz in Germany

Now Playing[edit]

Phineas Newborn Jr., Harlem Blues.

In the Vanguard, Bobby Hutcherson, Kenny Barron

I saw the film Brothers Grimm. It displays a strange idea of Germany. It is true that the wood has a life of its own here, it is true that the trees move, it is not true that the trees walk. What might be true is, that after the last ice age the birch moved from southern Spain to Germany, every generation 300 meters away from the former, so that at least that "walk" would have lasted 6000 years.

I read Bernhard Schlinks The Reader, he describes emotions better, than he explains. He asks a question: How do you tell the truth between generations in "families", as responsibilty is relative, because guilt is forgiven? This question is answered never being asked.

I now found a sort of answer in the biography of Max Weber.

Orientation Jazzpianist[edit]

Nuvola apps bookcase 1 blue.svg If it interests, be free, create your book.

For a real printed PediaPress book I recommend hardcover and black and white images.