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Oὐκ ἔστιν ἀνδρὶ ἀγαθῳ̂ κακὸν.

Mankind Project Allegations of Bias[edit]

An anonymous editor with a remarkable interest in Rick Ross (consultant) (and an IP address which maps to Jersey City NJ) has repeatedly expressed the opinion that because I have been involved with the Mankind Project I should not perform edits on these two articles. Given that I have some involvement or expertise in many articles I edit, I encourage all people of goodwill to evaluate my edit history and WP:COI based on those, welcoming criticisms on such actions as

That Ross appropriates technical terms from academic disciplines such as LGAT and cult, extending these into his work as a lecturer and expert witness is annoying, but I do not think it negatively impacts my ability to edit well. If you feel I have introduced something which is in violation of WP:NPOV, is not adequately referenced or violates WP:RS, please let me know on my talk page. Thank you.

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