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Hi! My name is Rosalina2427 (as I go by online). Rosalina isn't my real name. I went on Wikipedia for the first time around 2007, but I became a registered user in 2010. In the beginning, I went around hurricane talk pages, constantly forgetting the fact that Wikipedia is not a forum. I was also young, inexperienced, and absolutely naive about Wikipedia itself. After being warned a few times by more experienced (and exasperated) users, I found my footing and became more experienced and mature on Wikipedia. Nowadays, I go around Wikipedia correcting spelling/grammar errors, editing hurricane stuff that needs to be updated, creating new userboxes, updating this page, and checking out the Teahouse at times when I can squeeze it in.

In my life outside Wikipedia, I receive normal everyday educational enhancement, chatter about Wikipedia to anyone who is willing to hear, and eat.

Don't vandalize, and use your skills to a good cause. That's because Wikipe-tan wants you to!
The stress of LIFE >.<
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