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I am a disabled single mother living with chronic pain in Toronto, Canada. My interests include animal rights, veganism, skepticism, disabled rights, unschooling, and sex.

My personal website is

Useful stuff[edit]

citation templates * new pages * stubs to be sorted * stub types * warnings etc * speedy deletion templates * my sandbox

Murdered people with disabilities[edit]

I am working on articles about murdered people with disabilities. I recently did an extensive rewrite on the Robert Latimer article (Latimer murdered his disabled daughter, Tracy); now I'm working on Marcus Fiesel.

Articles to expand:

  • Karen McCarron, accused of killing her daughter, Katie McCarron
  • Rachel Capra Craig, found not criminally responsible for the murder of her daughter Chelsea Craig due to mental illness

Articles to create:

Children harmed by raw foodism[edit]

I'd also like to develop article on children harmed (in some cases killed) by raw foodism, not only because child abuse makes me furious, but because these cases are wrongly used to condemn all vegan diets.