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Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight
Wikipedia Visiting Scholar
Northeastern University
Women Writers Project
"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." -William James


MM-DD-YY No. Article Dates Pen name Short description Image Wikidata New
09-13-18 393 Rowena Granice Steele 1824–1901 American performer, journalist, poet, novelist, editor, publisher
ROWENA GRANICE STEELE A woman of the century (page 693 crop).jpg
Q56605679 New Bio
09-12-18 392 Marie Robinson Wright 1853–1914 American travel writer
MARIE ROBINSON WRIGHT A woman of the century (page 815 crop).jpg
Q56604012 New Bio
09-11-18 391 Grace Carew Sheldon 1855–1921 American journalist, author, editor Q56599552 New Bio
09-11-18 390 S. M. I. Henry 1839–1900 Dina Linwood American evangelist, temperance reformer, poet and author
Sarepta M. I. Henry from American Women, 1897.jpg
Q7387656 Impr Bio
09-09-18 389 Annie Stevens Perkins 1868–? American writer
ANNIE S. PERKINS Sketches of representative women of New England (page 594 crop).jpg
Q56560649 New Bio
09-08-18 388 Estelle M. H. Merrill 1858–1908 Jean Kincaid American journalist, editor
Estelle M. H. Merrill.png
Q56537868 New Bio
09-08-18 387 Emma L. Shaw 1840–1924 American magazine editor
Emma L. Shaw.png
Q56536900 New Bio
09-08-18 386 Ethlyn T. Clough 1858–1936 American newspaper publisher, editor
Ethlyn T. Clough.png
Q56526525 New Bio
09-07-18 385 S. Isadore Miner 1863–1910 Pauline Periwinkle American journalist, poet, teacher, feminist
S. Isadore Miner (1890).png
Q56513675 New Bio
09-07-18 384 Ella Eaton Kellogg 1853–1920 American philanthropist, pioneer in dietetics, editor
Ella Eaton Kellogg (1893).png
Q44210713 Impr Bio
09-06-18 383 Martha E. Cram Bates 1839–1905 American writer, journalist, newspaper editor
Martha E. Cram Bates.png
Q56491458 New Bio
09-05-18 382 Lucinda Hinsdale Stone 1814–1900 L. H. S. American feminist, educator, traveler, writer, philanthropist
Lucinda Hinsdale Stone.png
Q42294410 Impr Bio
09-05-18 381 Emma Eliza Bower 1852–1937 American physician, club-woman, and newspaper owner, publisher, editor
Emma Eliza Bowers.png
Q56479769 New Bio
09-03-18 380 Julia Colman 1828–1909 Aunt Julia American educator, activist, editor, writer
Q56451986 New Bio
09-03-18 379 Anna Augusta Truitt 1837–1920 American philanthropist, reformer, essayist
Anna Augusta Truitt.png
Q56450215 New Bio
09-01-18 378 Mary Helen Peck Crane 1827–1891 American activist, writer
Q56432962 New Bio
09-01-18 377 Emily Pitts Stevens 1841–1906 American educator, activist, editor, publisher
EMILY PITT STEVENS A woman of the century (page 696 crop).jpg
Q56425471 New Bio
08-30-18 376 Eva Kinney Griffith 1852–1918 American journalist, activist, novelist, editor, publisher
Q56373232 New Bio
08-29-18 375 Katharine Lente Stevenson 1853–1919 American reformer, missionary, editor
Katharine Lente Stevenson.png
Q56312245 New Bio
08-27-18 374 Mary G. Charlton Edholm 1854–1935 American reformer, journalist
MARY G. CHAKLTON EDHOLM Square (cropped).jpg
Q30340718 Impr Bio
08-26-18 373 Sara Louisa Oberholtzer 1841–1930 American poet, activist, economist
SARA LOUISA OBERHOLZER A woman of the century (page 553 crop).jpg
Q7421695 Impr Bio
08-25-18 372 Esther Tuttle Pritchard 1840–1900 American minister, editor
ESTHER TUTTLE PRITCHARD A woman of the century (page 599 crop).jpg
Q56252079 New Bio
08-22-18 371 Francesca Anna Canfield 1803–1833 Salonina American linguist, poet, translator Q56237361 New Bio
08-22-18 370 Lavinia Stoddard 1787–1820 American poet, school founder Q56233293 New Bio
08-22-18 369 Louisa Jane Hall 1802–1892 American poet, essayist, literary critic Q16873037 Impr Bio
08-22-18 368 Maria James (poet) 1793–1868 Welsh-born American poet Q20746827 Impr Bio
08-22-18 367 Jeannette Leonard Gilder 1849–1916 American writer, journalist, critic, editor
Portrait of Jeannette Leonard Gilder.jpg
Q6172292 Impr Bio
08-21-18 366 Laura M. Hawley Thurston 1812–1842 American poet, educator Q56224688 New Bio
08-21-18 365 Helen Louisa Bostwick Bird 1826–1907 American author, poet Q56224447 New Bio
08-20-18 364 Dora Knowlton Ranous 1859–1916 American actress, author, editor, translator, book reviewer
Dora Knowlton Ranous.png
Q46717022 New Bio
08-20-18 363 Florence Hull Winterburn 1858–? American author, editor Q56207959 New Bio
08-17-18 362 Alice Bellvadore Sams Turner 1859–1915 American physician, writer
ALICE BELLVADORE SAMS TURNER A woman of the century (page 737 crop).jpg
Q56155306 New Bio
08-17-18 361 Jennie McCowen 1845–1924 American physician, writer, lecturer, medical journal editor, suffragist
Jennie McCowen.png
Q56154130 New Bio
08-17-18 360 Anne Hazen McFarland 1868–? American physician, medical journal editor
Anne Hazen McFarland.png
Q56152429 New Bio
08-16-18 359 Mary Gage Day 1857–1935 American physician, medical writer
Mary Gage Day.png
Q56126497 New Bio
08-16-18 358 Eliza Maria Mosher 1846–1928 American physician, educator, medical writer, inventor
Eliza Mosher.png
Q1331111 Impr Bio
08-16-18 357 Mary Canfield Ballard 1852–1927 Minnie C. Ballard American poet
Q56121410 New Bio
08-15-18 356 Ella Loraine Dorsey 1853–1935 American author, journalist, translator
Q18910816 New Bio
08-15-18 355 Seraph Frissell 1840–1915 American physician, medical writer
Q56107154 New Bio
08-14-18 354 Ella Giles Ruddy 1851–1917 American author, editor
Q56096292 New Bio
08-14-18 353 Margaret Manton Merrill 1859–1893 British-American journalist, writer, translator, elocutionist
MARGARET MANTON MERRILL A woman of the century (page 511 crop).jpg
Q56089254 New Bio
08-14-18 352 Kate Sanborn 1839–1917 American author, teacher, lecturer
Kate Sanborn profile.jpg
Q6375764 Impr Bio
08-13-18 351 Fanny Huntington Runnells Poole 1863–1940 American writer, book reviewer
Fanny Huntington Runnells Poole.png
Q56074865 New Bio
08-13-18 350 Anna Farquhar Bergengren 1865–? Margaret Allston American writer, editor
Anna Farquhar.png
Q56073269 New Bio
08-13-18 349 Margaret Wynne Lawless 1847–1926 American poet, author, educator, philanthropist
MARGARET WYNNE LAWLESS A woman of the century (page 462 crop).jpg
Q56072290 New Bio
08-03-18 348 Constance Piers 1866–1939 Canadian journalist, poet, editor
Q55942993 New Bio
08-02-18 347 Lucy A. Mallory 1846–1920 American writer, publisher, newspaper editor, spiritualist
Lucy A. Rose Mallory.jpg
Q4309821 New Bio
08-01-18 346 Laura Jacinta Rittenhouse 1841–1911 American temperance worker, author, poet, orphanage manager, clubwoman
LAURA JACINTA RITTENHOUSE A woman of the century (page 622 crop).jpg
Q55868842 New Bio
07-31-18 345 Alice May Douglas 1865–1943 American poet, author, editor
Q55847665 New Bio
07-29-18 344 Bessie Alexander Ficklen 1861–1945 American poet, author, artist
Q55813667 New Bio
07-28-18 343 Lou Singletary Bedford 1837–? Lenora American poet, author, editor
Q55807271 New Bio
07-28-18 342 Adelia Cleopatra Graves 1821–1895 Aunt Alice American poet
Q28504163 Impr Bio
07-27-18 341 Susan Marr Spalding 1841–1908 American poet
SUSAN MARR SPALDING A woman of the century (page 682 crop).jpg
Q55779555 New Bio
07-27-18 340 Harriet Mabel Spalding 1862–1935 American poet, litterateur
HARRIET MABEL SPALDING A woman of the century (page 681 crop).jpg
Q55777555 New Bio
07-27-18 339 Eudora Stone Bumstead 1860–1892 American poet, hymnwriter
Q55761455 New Bio
07-26-18 338 Harriet McEwen Kimball 1834–1917 American poet, hymnwriter, philanthropist, hospital co-founder
HARRIET McEWEN KIMBALL A woman of the century (page 446 crop).jpg
Q55761455 New Bio
07-23-18 337 Frances Elizabeth Barrow 1822–1894 Aunt Fanny American children's writer Q55721753 New Bio
07-12-18 336 Alice Emma Ives 1876–1930 American dramatist, journalist
ALICE EMMA IVES A woman of the century (page 422 crop).jpg
Q55478458 New Bio
07-12-18 335 Louise Markscheffel 1857–1911 American journalist, editor, critic
LOUISE MARKSCHEFFEL A woman of the century (page 504 crop).jpg
Q55477846 New Bio
07-05-18 334 Maria Brace Kimball 1852–1933 American educator, elocutionist, writer
Q55396091 New Bio
07-04-18 333 Louisa Caroline Huggins Tuthill 1799–1879 American chlidren's book author Q18911259 New Bio
07-04-18 332 Tales of Superstition and Chivalry 1802 Scottish Gothic ballad collection by Anne Bannerman
Q55634632 New Work
06-29-18 331 Anna Cabot Lowell Quincy Waterston 1812–1899 A. C. Q. W. American writer Q37783567 New Bio
06-28-18 330 Mary Whitwell Hale 1810–1862 Y. L. E. American teacher, school founder, hymnwriter Q55262864 New Bio
06-28-18 329 Caroline Howard Gilman 1794–1888 Mrs. Clarissa Packard American writer
Caroline Howard Gilman by John Wesley Jarvis circa 1820.jpeg
Q5045104 Impr Bio
06-28-18 328 Eliza Lee Cabot Follen 1787–1860 American writer, editor, abolitionist Q5362163 Impr Bio
06-28-18 327 Emily Taylor 1795–1872 English schoolmistress, poet, children's writer, hymnwriter Q5372392 Impr Bio
06-27-18 326 Alice Flowerdew 1759–1830 English teacher, hymnwriter, religious poet Q55233953 New Bio
06-27-18 325 Frances Ridley Havergal 1836–1879 English hymnwriter, religious poet
Frances Ridley Havergal - Project Gutenberg eText 18444.jpg
Q275111 Impr Bio
06-27-18 324 Jeanette Threlfall 1821–1880 J. T. English hymnwriter, religious poet Q55229472 New Bio
06-26-18 323 Elizabeth Ayton Godwin 1817–1889 English hymnwriter, religious poet Q23797696 New Bio
06-25-18 322 Dorothy Ann Thrupp 1779–1847 Iota English psalmist, hymnwriter, translator Q4982698 New Bio
06-25-18 321 "Awake, our drowsy souls" 1769 American hymn by Elizabeth Scott
Awake, our drowsy souls (music).png
New Work
06-25-18 320 Elizabeth Scott (hymnwriter) 1708–1776 English-American poet, hymnwriter Q18810699 New Bio
06-23-18 319 Lady Lucy Whitmore 1792–1840 English noblewoman, hymnwriter Q43386749 New Bio
06-21-18 318 Adaline Hohf Beery 1859–1929 American author, newspaper editor, songbook compiler, hymnwriter
Q55121688 New Bio
06-20-18 317 Martha Capps Oliver 1845–1917 American poet, hymnwriter
MARTHA CAPPS OLIVER A woman of the century (page 558 crop).jpg
Q55113496 New Bio
06-20-18 316 Minnie Willis Baines Miller 1845–19?? American author
MINNIE WILLIS BAINES MILLER A woman of the century (page 517 crop).jpg
Q55111009 New Bio
06-19-18 315 Celia Logan 1837–1904 American actress, playwright, writer
CELIA LOGAN A woman of the century (page 480 crop).jpg
Q5058007 Impr Bio
06-05-18 314 Maria Jane Jewsbury 1800–1833 English writer, poet, literary reviewer
Maria Jane Jewsbury by G Freeman.jpg
Q17355615 Impr Bio
06-03-18 313 Mary Ann Browne 1812–1845 Mrs. James Gray English poet, writer of musical scores Q18674185 New Bio
06-05-18 312 Elizabeth Carter 1717–1806 Eliza English poet, classicist, writer, translator, linguist, polymath
Q4216193 Impr Bio
06-03-18 311 Anne Grant 1755–1838 Scottish poet, author
Anne Grant of Laggan.jpg
Q4768392 Impr Bio
06-03-18 310 Eleanor Anne Porden 1795–1825 English poet
Eleanor Anne Porden 2.jpg
Q529601 Impr Bio
05-31-18 309 Catharine Trotter Cockburn 1679–1749 English novelist, dramatist, philosopher
Portrait of Catharine Cockburn.jpg
Q1091103 Impr Bio
05-30-18 308 Dorothy, Lady Pakington 1623–1679 English writer
Lady Pakington, née Dorothy Coventry (1623-1679) by Cornelis Jonson van Ceulen (1593-1661).jpg
Q5298277 Impr Bio
05-29-18 307 Ann, Lady Fanshawe 1625–1680 English writer
Ann Fanshawe (1625–1680), wife of Sir Richard Fanshawe.jpeg
Q1916372 Impr Bio
05-28-18 306 Margaret Roper 1505–1544 English writer, translator
Q517791 Impr Bio
05-25-18 305 A Summary History of New-England 1799 history book by Hannah Adams
A Summary History of New England From the First Settlement at Plymouth, to (1799).png
Q54165763 New Work
05-18-18 304 Julia Boynton Green 1861–1957 American poet
Q15987617 New Bio
05-14-18 303 Clara Doty Bates 1838–1895 American author
Q53507403 New Bio
05-13-18 302 Melissa Elizabeth Riddle Banta 1834–1907 American poet
Q53405657 New Bio
05-12-18 301 Elizabeth Otis Dannelly 1838–1896 American poet
Q53239088 New Bio
05-11-18 300 Emeline Harriet Howe 1844–1934 American poet
Emeline Harriet Howe. A woman of the century (page 406 crop).jpg
Q53164155 New Bio
05-11-18 299 Marion Manville Pope 1859–? American poet, author, world traveler, philanthropist
MARION MANVILLE POPE A woman of the century (page 592 crop).jpg
Q53159370 New Bio
09-18-17 298 Caroline Mehitable Fisher Sawyer 1812–1894 American poet, biographer, editor
HELEN ADELIA MANVILLE A woman of the century (page 502 crop).jpg
Q40247264 New Bio
05-11-18 297 Helen Adelia Manville 1839–1912 Nellie A. Mann American poet, litterateur
HELEN ADELIA MANVILLE A woman of the century (page 502 crop).jpg
Q53150898 New Bio
05-10-18 296 Mary E. C. Bancker 1860–? Betsey Bancker American author
Q53064244 New Bio
05-10-18 295 Emma Bedelia Dunham 1826–1910 (various) American poet, teacher
Q53010920 New Bio
05-06-18 294 Marguerite Merington 1857–1951 American author Q52155592 New Bio
05-03-18 293 Clara Harrison Stranahan 1831–1905 American author, college founder
CLARA HARRISON STRANAHAN A woman of the century (page 708 crop).jpg
Q52581422 New Bio
05-03-18 292 Helen Taggart Clark 1849–? H.T.C. American journalist, poet
Helen Taggart Clark.jpg
Q52574768 New Bio
04-08-18 291 Evelyn Magruder DeJarnette 1842–1914 American author
Q51622810 New Bio
04-08-18 290 Addie C. Strong Engle 1845–1926 American writer, publisher
Q51620040 New Bio
04-07-18 289 Emma Elizabeth Brown 1847–? B. E. E. American writer, artist
Q51578703 New Bio
04-07-18 288 Frances Elizabeth Fryatt ?–? American author, editor, specialist in household applied arts
Q51576174 New Bio
03-23-18 287 Jane Maria Read 1853–? American poet, artist, teacher
JANE MARIA READ. A woman of the century (page 610 crop).jpg
Q50855443 New Bio
03-17-18 286 Emily McGary Selinger 1848–1927 American painter, writer, poet, educator Q50699988 New Bio
03-13-18 285 Emma Amelia Cranmer 1858–1937 American reformer, suffragist, writer
Q50424490 New Bio
03-09-18 284 Susan Archer Weiss 1822–1917 American poet, author, artist
Susan Archer Talley Weiss.png
Q50380235 New Bio
03-08-18 283 Louise Hammond Willis Snead 1870–1958 Louis Hammond Willis American writer, lecturer, artist
LOUISE HAMMOND WILLIS A woman of the century (page 796 crop).jpg
Q50374827 New Bio
03-02-18 282 Lydia J. Newcomb Comings 1850–1946 American educator, lecturer, author
Lydia J. Newcomb Comings (1894).png
Q50317467 New Bio
03-01-18 281 Luisa Kapp-Young 1835–1919 Luisa Cappiani Austrian dramatic operatic soprano, musical educator, essayist
Q50300359 New Bio
03-01-18 280 Bertha M. Wilson 1874–1936 American dramatist, critic, actress
Bertha M. Wilson.png
Q50298404 New Bio
02-22-18 279 Mary Mathews Adams 1840–1902 American writer, philanthropist
Mary Mathews Adams.png
Q6779866 Impr Bio
02-22-18 278 Augusta Harvey Worthen 1823–1910 American educator, author
AUGUSTA HARVEY WORTHEN A woman of the century (page 813 crop).jpg
Q49825536 New Bio
02-21-18 277 Euphemia Vale Blake 1817–1904 American author, critic
Euphemia Vale Blake.jpg
Q15982397 New Bio
02-20-18 276 Emma Sheridan Fry 1864–1936 American actress, playwright, teacher
Q49479881 New Bio
02-17-18 275 Elia Goode Byington 1858–1936 American journalist
Q48982421 New Bio
02-16-18 274 Sophia Braeunlich 1854–1898 American business manager, journalist
Q48914133 New Bio
02-15-18 273 Emily St. John Bouton 1837–1927 American educator, journalist, author, editor
Q48846240 New Bio
02-15-18 272 Esther E. Baldwin 1840–1910 American missionary, teacher, translator, writer, editor
Q48825152 New Bio
02-14-18 271 Matilda Maranda Crawford 1844–1920 Maude Moore, etc. American-Canadian newspaper correspondent, poet
Q48702876 Impr Bio
02-12-18 270 Mary C. Ames 1831–1884 American journalist, author, poet
Mary Clemmer Ames.png
Q4223297 Impr Bio
02-11-18 269 Mary Mapes Dodge 1831–1905 American children's author, editor
Portrait of Mary Mapes Dodge.jpg
Q2518093 Impr Bio
02-9-18 268 Lucy Larcom 1824–1893 American teacher, poet, author
The Ridpath library of universal literature - a biographical and bibliographical summary of the world's most eminent authors, including the choicest extracts and masterpieces from their writings (14758870536).jpg
Q6698403 Impr Bio
02-9-18 267 Adeline Dutton Train Whitney 1824–1906 American poet, author
ADT Whitney.jpg
Q4681954 Impr Bio
02-7-18 266 Mary Elizabeth Beauchamp 1825–1903 Filia Ecclesia, etc. British-American educator, author
Q48038824 New Bio
02-6-18 265 Margaret Cleaves 1848–1917 American physician, writer
Q4793988 Impr Bio
02-6-18 264 Annie Hawks 1836–1918 American poet, gospel hymnist
ANNIE SHERWOOD HAWKS A woman of the century (page 375 crop).jpg
Q4952981 New Bio
02-6-18 263 Jessie Margaret King 1862–? Marguerite Scottish essayist, journalist, poet Q47914245 New Bio
02-3-18 262 Anna Gardner 1816–1901 American abolitionist, poet, teacher
Q47573646 New Bio
02-1-18 261 Sarah Newcomb Merrick 1844–? Canadian-American teacher, writer, businessperson, physician, inventor
SARAH NEWCOMB MERRICK A woman of the century (page 510 crop).jpg
Q47531788 New Bio
01-31-18 260 Florence Carpenter Ives 1854–1900 American journalist
FLORENCE C. IVES A woman of the century (page 423 crop).jpg
Q47527954 New Bio
01-31-18 259 Alice Moore McComas 1850–1919 American author, editor, lecturer, reformer
ALICE MOORE McCOMAS A woman of the century (page 494 crop).jpg
Q47526276 New Bio
01-31-18 258 Cornelia Jane Matthews Jordan 1830–1898 American poet, lyricist
CORNELIA JANE MATTHEWS JORDAN A woman of the century (page 437 crop).jpg
Q47525361 New Bio
01-30-18 257 Isabella Fyvie Mayo 1843–1914 Edward Garrett Scottish poet, novelist
Isabella Fyvie Mayo.png
Q15485825 Impr Bio
01-30-18 256 Grace Webster Haddock Hinsdale 1832–1902 American author
Grace Webster Haddock Hinsdale.png
Q47522666 New Bio
01-29-18 255 Charlotte Elliott 1789–1871 English poet, hymnwriter, editor
Charlotte Elliott, portrait.jpg
Q4946512 Improved Bio
01-27-18 254 Jane Lundie Bonar 1821–1884 Scottish hymnwriter Q47505588 New Bio
01-26-18 253 Charitie Lees Smith 1841–1923 C.L.S. Irish hymnwriter, religious writer Q5074448 Impr Bio
01-25-18 252 Harriet Auber 1773–1862 English poet, hymnwriter Q16066009 Impr Bio
01-20-18 251 Sarah Fuller Flower Adams 1805–1848 English poet, hymnwriter
Q269879 Impr Bio
01-19-18 250 "I love to steal awhile away" 1818 American hymn Q48815248 New Work
01-19-18 249 Phoebe Hinsdale Brown 1783–1861 B. American hymnwriter Q47462784 New Bio
01-18-18 248 Anne Steele 1717–1778 Theodosia English hymnwriter, essayist Q15506168 Impr Bio
01-17-18 247 Margaret Elizabeth Sangster 1838–1912 Aunt Marjorie American author, poet, editor
Margaret Elizabeth Sangster 1897.jpg
Q6759381 Impr Bio
01-16-18 246 Rose Terry Cooke 1827–1892 American author, poet
Rose Terry Cooke from American Women, 1897.jpg
Q7367949 Impr Bio
01-15-18 245 Elizabeth Williams Champney 1850–1922 American writer
Q5363730 Impr Bio
01-15-18 244 Harriet Mann Miller 1831–1918 Olive Thorne, etc. American author, naturalist, ornithologist
Portrait of Olive Thorne Miller.jpg
Q7421664 Impr Bio
01-14-18 243 Sara Jane Lippincott 1823–1904 Grace Greenwood American author, poet, correspondent, lecturer, newspaper founder
Sara jane Lippincott ca1850.jpg
Q7421664 Impr Bio
01-12-18 242 Emma Lazarus 1849–1887 American poet, Georgist
Q240959 Impr Bio
01-12-18 241 Celia Thaxter 1835–1894 American poet, author
Celia Thaxter.jpg
Q3664258 Impr Bio
01-10-18 240 Nora Perry (writer) 1831–1896 American poet, journalist
Nora Perry (1889).png
Q6763237 Impr Bio
01-10-18 239 Marietta Holley 1836–1926 Jemyma, etc. American humorist
Marietta Holley (1836-1926).jpg
Q6763237 Impr Bio
01-10-18 238 Edna Dean Proctor 1829–1923 American poet
Edna Dean Proctor (1889).png
Q4380427 New Bio
01-9-18 237 Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford 1835–1921 American writer
Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford.jpg
Q13563197 Impr Bio
01-8-18 236 Augusta Jane Evans 1835–1909 American novelist
Augusta Jane Evans Wilson.jpg
Q274219 Impr Bio
01-7-18 235 Danske Dandridge 1854–1914 Danish-born American poet, historian, garden writer
Danske Dandridge (1891).png
Q5221079 Impr Bio
01-6-18 234 Katharine A. O'Keeffe O'Mahoney 1855–1918 Irish-born American educator, lecturer, writer, editor
KATHERINE A. O'KEEFFE A woman of the century (page 556 crop).jpg
Q47090554 New Bio
01-6-18 233 Emma Scarr Booth 1835–1927 British-born American novelist, poet
Q47089531 New Bio
01-3-18 232 Julia Evelyn Ditto Young 1857–1915 American novelist, poet
JULIA EVELYN DITTO YOUNG A woman of the century (page 819 crop).jpg
Q47037590 New Bio
01-3-18 231 Mary Onahan Gallery 1866–1941 American writer, editor
Mary Josephine Onahan (1897).png
Q47035337 New Bio
01-1-18 230 Lillie Eginton Warren 1858–1910 American educator, author, inventor
Lillie Eginton Warren (1902).png
Q18911152 New Bio
12-31-17 229 Isabel Grimes Richey 1858–1910 American writer, poet
Isabel Grimes Richey.png
Q47008729 New Bio
12-30-17 228 Lurana W. Sheldon 1862–1945 Richard Hackstaff American writer, editor, suffragist
Lurana Waterhouse Sheldon Ferris.png
Q47006018 New Bio
12-25-17 227 Myra Belle Martin 1861–? American teacher, writer, financier
Myra Belle Martin.png
Q46889610 New Bio
12-23-17 226 Genevieve Stebbins 1857–1934 American author, teacher, performer
Genevieve Stebbins Astley 1902.jpg
Q5533092 Impr Bio
12-22-17 225 Emma Churchman Hewitt 1850–1921 American writer, journalist
EMMA CHURCHMAN HEWITT A woman of the century (page 385 crop).jpg
Q46525543 New Bio
12-22-17 224 Lillie Devereux Blake 1833–1913 Tiger Lily American writer, suffragist, reformer
Q6548258 Impr Bio
12-20-17 223 Josephine White Bates 1862–1934 Mrs. E. Lindon Bates Canadian-born American author
Josephine White Bates.png
Q30337447 Impr Bio
12-19-17 222 Euphemia Wilson Pitblado 1849–1928 Scottish-born American activist, social reformer
EUPHEMIA WILSON PITBLADO A woman of the century (page 584 crop).jpg
Q46116041 New Bio
11-27-17 221 Ruth Ward Kahn 1872–? American writer
RUTH WARD KAHN. A woman of the century (page 439 crop).jpg
Q43851451 New Bio
11-26-17 220 Susan Hammond Barney 1834–1922 American evangelist, writer
Susan Hammond Barney.png
Q43772522 New Bio
11-25-17 219 Sarah Dyer Hobart 1845–1921 Floyd Bentley American poet, author
Q43673588 New Bio
11-19-17 218 Henrietta Gould Rowe 1834/35–1910 American litterateur, author
Harriet Gould Rowe.png
Q43320301 New Bio
11-15-17 217 Mary M. Cohen 1854–1911 Coralie American social economist, writer
Q43194364 New Bio
11-15-17 216 Elnora Monroe Babcock 1852–1934 American suffragist, press chair
Q43190347 New Bio
11-15-17 215 Luella Dowd Smith 1847–1941 American poet, author
LUELLA DOWD SMITH A woman of the century (page 676 crop).jpg
Q43185308 New Bio
11-14-17 214 Sarah Carmichael Harrell 1844–1929 Citizen American educator, temperance reformer, writer
Q28114726 Impr Bio
11-14-17 213 Mary Foot Seymour 1846–1893 American law reporter, business woman, school founder, journalist
MARY F. SEYMOUR A woman of the century (page 655 crop).jpg
Q43153180 New Bio
11-13-17 212 Hester Martha Poole 1833–1932 American writer, artist, advocate
HESTER MARTHA POOLE A woman of the century (page 590 crop).jpg
Q43112684 New Bio
11-13-17 211 Lucy Hall Washington 1835–1913 American poet, social reformer
LUCY H. WASHINGTON A woman of the century (page 760 crop).jpg
Q43099497 New Bio
11-12-17 210 Harriet Ford 1868–1929 American actress, playwright
Q43021640 New Bio
11-12-17 209 Aubertine Woodward Moore 1841–1929 Auber Forestier American musician, writer
AUBERTINE WOODWARD MOORE A woman of the century (page 525 crop).jpg
Q30106234 Impr Bio
11-11-17 208 Grace Denio Litchfield 1849–1944 American novelist, poet
GRACE DENIO LITCHFIELD A woman of the century (page 475 crop).jpg
Q5591082 Impr Bio
11-10-17 207 Emily Jane Pfeiffer 1827–1890 Welsh poet, philanthropist
Emily Pfeiffer.png
Q1337615 Impr Bio
11-8-17 206 Angelia Thurston Newman 1837–1910 American poet, author, editor, lecturer
ANGELIA F. NEWMAN A woman of the century (page 544 crop).jpg
Q42860365 New Bio
11-8-17 205 Ella Hoag Brockway Avann 1853–1899 American educator, writer
Q42856680 New Bio
11-6-17 204 Lepha Eliza Bailey 1845–1924 American author, lecturer, activist
Q42756317 New Bio
11-6-17 203 Libbie C. Riley Baer 1849–1929 American poet
LIBBIE C. RILEY BAER A woman of the century (page 821 crop).jpg
Q42755249 New Bio
11-6-17 202 Helen Vickroy Austin 1829–1921 American journalist, horticulturist, suffragette
Q42752855 New Bio
11-6-17 201 Emma B. Alrich 1845–1925 American journalist, author, educator
Q42750882 New Bio
11-5-17 200 Ruth Alice Armstrong 1850– American social activist, writer, lecturer
Q42726226 New Bio
11-2-17 199 Frances Irene Burge Griswold 1826–1900 Fan-Fan, etc. American poet, author
Q42567056 New Bio
10-31-17 198 Estelle Mendell Amory 1845– American author, educator Q42434078 New Bio
10-29-17 197 Sarah Gibson Humphreys 1830–1907 American author, suffragist
SARAH GIBSON HUMPHREYS A woman of the century (page 413 crop).jpg
Q42399648 New Bio
10-26-17 196 Lucy Hamilton Hooper 1835–1893 American poet, journalist, editor, playwright
Q18522749 New Bio
10-21-17 195 Ann Eliza Smith 1819-1905 Mrs. J. Gregory Smith American author, patriot
Mrs. J. Gregory Smith.png
Q4766382 Impr Bio
10-20-17 194 Mary A. Brayton Woodbridge 1830-1894 American temperance reformer, editor
Mary A. Woodbridge.png
Q42297014 Impr Bio
10-17-17 193 Julia C. R. Dorr 1825-1913 American author
Julia Dorr.jpg
Q5703234 Impr Bio
10-16-17 192 Helen Stuart Campbell 1839-1918 Helen Wheaton American author, editor, social reformer, home economist
Helen S Campbell from American Women, 1897.jpg
Q5703234 Impr Bio
10-15-17 191 Lucy Wheelock 1857-1946 American educator, writer
LUCY WHEELOCK A woman of the century (page 775 crop).jpg
Q15455229 Impr Bio
10-14-17 190 Lucy M. Hall 1843-1907 American physician, writer
Q41997184 New Bio
10-14-17 189 Rosetta Luce Gilchrist 1850-1921 American physician, writer
Q41987162 New Bio
10-14-17 188 Mary Torrans Lathrap 1838-1895 Lena American poet, preacher, suffragist, social reformer
MARY TORRANS LATHRAP A woman of the century (page 460 crop).jpg
Q41980112 New Bio
10-13-17 187 Frances Laughton Mace 1836-1899 Inez American poet
FRANCES LAUGHTON MACE A woman of the century (page 493 crop).jpg
Q41916515 New Bio
10-13-17 186 Harriet Pritchard Arnold 1858-1901 H. E. P. American author
Q41898920 New Bio
10-08-17 185 Jennie Fowler Willing 1834-1916 Canadian-American educator, author, preacher, social reformer, suffragist
Jennie Fowler Willing.png
Q37290156 Impr Bio
10-07-17 184 Martina Swafford 1845-1913 Belle Bremer American poet
MARTINA STAFFORD A woman of the century (page 711 crop).jpg
Q41718088 New Bio
10-07-17 183 Mary Bigelow Ingham 1832-1923 Anne Hathaway American writer, educator, social activist
MARY BIGELOW INGHAM A woman of the century (page 421 crop).jpg
Q41705947 New Bio
10-06-17 182 Margaret Eleanor Parker 1827-1896 American social activist, social reformer, travel writer
Margaret Eleanor Parker.png
Q41669903 New Bio
10-04-17 181 Cynthia Roberts Gorton 1826-1894 Ida Glenwood American poet, author
Q41613735 New Bio
10-04-17 180 Emily Elizabeth Veeder 1841-? American author
EMILY ELIZABETH VEEDER A woman of the century (page 743 crop).jpg
Q41609189 New Bio
10-04-17 179 The passion of life 1887 American book
The Passion of Life (1887).png
Q48785384 New Work
10-04-17 178 Jessie Wilson Manning 1855-? American author, lecturer
JESSIE WILSON MANNING A woman of the century (page 501 crop).jpg
Q41600380 New Bio
10-03-17 177 Florence Trail 1854-1944 American educator, writer
FLORENCE TRAIL A woman of the century (page 732 crop).jpg
Q41572488 New Bio
10-03-17 176 Helen Marr Hurd 1839-1909 American educator, poet
HELEN MARR HURD A woman of the century (page 417 crop).jpg
Q41568827 New Bio
10-03-17 175 Eliza Putnam Heaton 1860-1919 American journalist, editor Q41563458 New Bio
10-02-17 174 Cynthia Taggart 1801-1849 American poet
Cynthia Taggart.png
Q41544190 New Bio
10-02-17 173 Ella Hepworth Dixon 1857-1932 Margaret Wynman English writer, novelist, editor
Ella Hepworth Dixon.png
Q5364510 New Bio
10-01-17 172 Hannah T. King 1808-1886 British-American writer, pioneer
King Hannah T.jpg
Q41505357 New Bio
09-30-17 171 Clara H. Hazelrigg 1861-1937 C. H. H. American author, educator, social reformer
CLARA H. HAZELRIGG A woman of the century (page 378 crop).jpg
Q41452631 New Bio
09-29-17 170 Frances Margaret Milne 1846-? Margaret Frances Irish-born, American writer, librarian
FRANCES M. MILNE A woman of the century (page 518 crop).jpg
Q41367519 New Bio
09-29-17 169 Marion Juliet Mitchell 1836-? American poet
MARION JULIET MITCHELL A woman of the century (page 520 crop).jpg
Q41364390 New Bio
09-27-17 168 Lizette Woodworth Reese 1856-1935 American poet, educator
Lizette Woodworth Reese.jpg
Q6660609 Impr Bio
09-27-17 167 Mary Spear Nicholas Tiernan 1835-1891 American writer
Mary S. Tiernan.png
Q41188730 New Bio
09-27-17 166 Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps 1793-1884 American educator, author, editor
Q4733834 Impr Bio
09-26-17 165 Emily Chester 1864 American novel
Emily Chester (1871).png
Q41183625 New Work
09-25-17 164 Catharine Sedgwick 1789-1867 American novelist
Catherine Sedgwick (crop).png
Q5052109 Impr Bio
09-24-17 163 Louisa Susannah Cheves McCord 1810-1879 American writer
Louisa S. McCord.png
Q26838333 Impr Bio
09-23-17 162 Mary S. B. Shindler 1810-1883 American poet, writer, editor Q1718599 Impr Bio
09-23-17 161 Mollie Evelyn Moore Davis 1844-1909 American poet, writer, editor
Q40807217 New Bio
09-23-17 160 Emma Jane Greenland 1760-1843 English painter, writer, singer Q3724645 New Bio
09-22-17 159 Susanne Vandegrift Moore 1848-? American editor, publisher
SUSANNE VANDEGRIFT MOORE A woman of the century (page 528 crop).jpg
Q40723027 New Bio
09-21-17 158 Henrietta A. Bingham 1841-1877 American writer, editor, preceptress
Henrietta A. Bingham.png
Q40485084 New Bio
09-20-17 157 Amelia B. Coppuck Welby 1819-1852 American poet
Amelia B. Coppuck Welby.png
Q40485084 New Bio
09-20-17 156 Jennie Thornley Clarke c. 1866 - ? American educator, writer, anthologist Q40465504 New Bio
09-20-17 155 "The Old Canoe" 1849 American poem Q48783213 New Work
09-19-17 154 Emily Rebecca Page 1823-1908 American poet Q40385144 New Bio
09-19-17 153 "Little Things" 1845 American poem Q48783025 Impr Bio
09-19-17 152 Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney 1823-1908 Minnie May, etc. American educator, poet frameless|center|30px Q13563238 Impr Bio
09-18-17 151 Mary Charlotte Ward Granniss Webster Billings 1824-1904 M.C.G., etc. American writer, activist, evangelist, missionary
Mary Billings died 1904.jpg
Q40346386 New Bio
09-18-17 150 Helen Hinsdale Rich 1827-1915 American poet
HELEN HINSDALE RICH A woman of the century (page 616 crop).jpg
Q40260728 New Bio
09-17-17 149 Elizabeth Louisa Foster Mather 1815-1882 American writer
Elizabeth Louisa Foster Mather.png
Q40166835 New Bio
09-17-17 148 Elizabeth Akers Allen 1832-1911 Florence Percy American poet, journalist
Elizabeth Akers Allen.png
Q5362571 Impr Bio
09-16-17 147 Eunice Hale Waite Cobb 1803-1880 American writer, public speaker, activist
Eunice Hale Waite Cobb.png
Q40071384 New Bio
09-14-17 146 Lucy Barnes (writer) 1780-1809 American writer Q39811430 New Bio
09-14-17 145 Jane Lippitt Patterson 1829-1919 American writer, editor
Jane Lippitt Patterson died 1919.png
Q39672654 New Bio
09-13-17 144 Charlotte Ann Fillebrown Jerauld 1820-1845 Charlotte American poet, story writer
Charlotte Ann Fillebrown Jerauld.png
Q39672654 New Bio
09-13-17 143 Mary Hall Barrett Adams 1816-1860 American editor, letter writer Q39663609 New Bio
09-12-17 142 Minnie S. Davis 1835-? American author, lecturer, editor, mental scientist
Q39643597 New Bio
09-11-17 141 Emma Southwick Brinton 1834-1922 American Civil War nurse, traveller, correspondent
Q39454465 New Bio
09-11-17 140 A Secret Institution 1890 American autobiography
A Secret Institution (1890).png
Q39418596 New Work
09-11-17 139 Clarissa Caldwell Lathrop 1847-1892 American social reformer, autobiographer
CLARISSA CALDWELL LATHROP A woman of the century (page 460 crop).jpg
Q39390801 New Bio
09-10-17 138 Mary Jane Katzmann 1828-1890 Canadian editor, historian, poet
Mary Jane Katzmann.png
Q6779881 Impr Bio
09-09-17 137 Helen M. Winslow 1851-1938 American author, journalist
HELEN M. WINSLOW A woman of the century (page 801 crop).jpg
Q39236695 New Bio
09-08-17 136 Cynthia S. Burnett 1840-1932 American educator, lecturer, reformer, editor
Q39389237 New Bio
09-06-17 135 Eliza A. Pittsinger 1837-1908 American poet
ELIZA A. HTTSINGER A woman of the century (page 584 crop).jpg
Q38829281 New Bio
09-05-17 134 Ella M. S. Marble 1850-? American journalist, educator, activist, physician
ELLA M. S. MARBLE A woman of the century (page 503 crop).jpg
Q38704494 New Bio
08-31-17 133 Emma Whitcomb Babcock 1849-1926 American litterateur, author
Q38551598 New Bio
08-31-17 132 Lucinda Banister Chandler 1828-1911 American social reformer, author
Q38253697 New Bio
08-30-17 131 Helen Dortch Longstreet 1863-1962 American newspaper editor, publisher
Helen Dortch Longstreet.jpg
Q15462975 New Bio
08-24-17 130 Martha Perry Lowe 1829-1902 American poet, activist
Martha Perry Lowe.png
Q38227596 New Bio
08-23-17 129 Nancy H. Adsit 1825-1902 Probus American art lecturer, art educator, writer
Q37831908 New Bio
08-22-17 128 Emily Thornton Charles 1845-1895 Emily Hawthorne American poet, journalist, suffragist, newspaper founder
Q37768801 New Bio
08-21-17 127 A View of Religions 1784 survey of world religions by Hannah Adams
A View of Religions, Second Edition, (1791).png
Q38227783 New Work
08-20-17 126 Hannah Adams 1755-1831 American author
Hannah Adams.jpg
Q515868 Impr Bio
08-19-17 125 Elisabeth Cavazza 1849-1926 American author, journalist, music critic Q37401117 New Bio
08-18-17 124 Helen Ekin Starrett 1840-1920 American educator, author, suffragette
Helen Ekin Starrett.png
Q37230010 New Bio
08-18-17 123 Mary Allen West 1837-1892 American journalist, editor, educator, school superintendent, reformer
MARY ALLEN WEST A woman of the century (page 770 crop).jpg
Q37209792 New Bio
08-18-17 122 Frances Augusta Hemingway Conant 1842-1903 American journalist, editor, businesswoman
Q38227707 New Bio
08-17-17 121 Lavilla Esther Allen 1834-1903 American writer, poet, reader
Q37999502 New Bio
08-09-17 120 Kate Simpson Hayes 1856-1945 Mary Markwell, etc. Canadian playwright, author, journalist, poet, teacher, milliner, legislative librarian
Kate Simpson Hayes.jpg
Q35693737 New Bio
08-06-17 119 Jane G. Austin 1831-1894 American writer
Jane Goodwin Austin.jpg
Q6152255 Impr Bio
08-03-17 118 Louise Chandler Moulton 1835-1908 American poet, story-writer, critic
Poems and Sonnets of Louise Chandler Moulton, 1909 - cropped.jpg
Q4968247 Impr Bio
08-03-17 117 Kate E. Griswold c. 1869-? American editor, publisher, proprietor
Kate E. Griswold.png
Q34681298 New Bio
08-03-17 116 Caroline Dana Howe 1824-1907 American writer of prose, poetry, hymns Q34645872 New Bio
08-03-17 115 Olive E. Dana 1859-? American short-story writer, essayist, poet Q34637332 New Bio
08-02-17 114 Mary Livermore 1820-1905 American journalist, abolitionist, women's rights advocate
Mary Livermore.jpg
Q6780099 Impr Bio
08-01-17 113 Mary F. Eastman ?-? American educator, lecturer, writer, suffragist
Mary F. Eastman.png
Q34542714 New Bio
07-30-17 112 Mary Ann Maitland 1839-1919 Canadian writer Q34111388 New Bio
07-30-17 111 Georgina Fraser Newhall 1860s-? Canadian writer, stenographer
Q34037069 New Bio
07-26-17 110 Helen Hunt Jackson 1830-1855 H.H. American poet, writer, activist
Helen Hunt Jackson NYPL.jpg
Q462363 Impr Bio
07-25-17 109 Flora Haines Loughead 1855-1943 American writer, farmer, miner
Flora Loughead.jpg
Q33244155 Impr Bio
07-23-17 108 Emma Catherine Embury 1806-1863 Ianthe American author, poet
Emma C Embury 1893-cropped.jpg
Q5372755 Impr Bio
07-23-17 107 Maria White Lowell 1821-1853 American poet, abolitionist
Harvard Daguerreotypes - bMS Am 1054-1054.5 - Maria White.jpg
Q6761651 Impr Bio
07-23-17 106 Mabelle Biggart 1861-? American educator, dramatic reader, preacher, writer
Q33205184 New Bio
07-17-17 105 Mary Evelyn Hitchcock 1849-1920 Mary Doyle, etc. American author, traveler
Mary Evelyn Hitchcock.png
Q23932770 Impr Bio
07-17-17 104 Louise Herschman Mannheimer 1845-1920 Czech-American writer, poet, school founder, inventor Q24284555 Impr Bio
07-16-17 103 Julia A. Ames 1816-1891 American journalist, editor, temperance reformer
Julia Ames.jpg
Q27693221 Impr Bio
07-16-17 102 Annie Chambers Ketchum 1824-1904 American educator, lecturer, writer, Capitular Tertiary of St. Dominic
Annie Chambers Ketchum.png
Q27767473 Impr Bio
07-15-17 101 Mary Catherine Chase 1835-? Winnie Rover, etc. American writer, Catholic nun Q27811396 Impr Bio
07-15-17 100 Katherine Eleanor Conway 1853-1927 Mercedes American journalist, editor, poet
Q27811437 Impr Bio
07-14-17 099 Emelie Tracy Y. Swett 1863-1892 American poet, author, editor
Emelie Tracy Y. Parkhurst.png
Q27830781 Impr Bio
07-13-17 097 Margaret Frances Sullivan 1848-1903 Irish-American writer, journalist, editor
Margaret Frances Buchanan Sullivan.png
Q27866041 Impr Bio
07-13-17 096 Mary Catherine Crowley 1856-1920 Janet Grant American writer
Q27881150 Impr Bio
07-13-17 095 Helena Theresa Goessmann 1868-1926 American lecturer, academician, writer Q27881134 Impr Bio
07-12-17 094 Charlotte Frances Wilder 1839-1916 American writer Q27881555 Impr Bio
07-12-17 093 Lilian Bell 1867-1929 Mrs. Arthur Hoyt Bogue American novelist, travel writer
Lilian Lida Bell.png
Q27888932 Impr Bio
07-11-17 092 Martha Foster Crawford 1830-1909 American writer, missionary
Martha Foster Crawford.jpg
Q27915027 Impr Bio
07-11-17 091 Elizabeth Eggleston Seelye 1858-1923 American writer
Elizabeth Eggleston Seelye.png
Q27926003 Impr Bio
07-11-17 090 Judith Montefiore 1784-1862 British linguist, musician, travel writer, philanthropist
Lady Judith Montefiore.jpg
Q18910588 Impr Bio
07-11-17 089 Madeleine Vinton Dahlgren 1825-1989 Corinne, etc. American writer, translator, anti-suffragist
Madeleine Vinton Dahlgren.png
Q27759334 Impr Bio
07-11-17 088 Hallie Quinn Brown 1849-1949 African-American educator, writer, activist
Hallie Q Brown.jpg
Q5642978 Impr Bio
07-10-17 087 Mary Louise Booth 1831-1889 American editor, translator, writer
Mary Louise Booth.png
Q6780149 Impr Bio
07-10-17 086 Harriet Newell Kneeland Goff 1828-1901 American author, temperance reformer
Q32938701 New Bio
07-10-17 085 Ella Maria Ballou 1852-1937 American stenographer, reporter, essayist, educator
Q32860490 New Bio
07-09-17 084 Harriet Abbott Lincoln Coolidge 1849-1902 American author, philanthropist, reformer
Harriet Abbot Lincoln Coolidge.png
Q33101463 New Bio
07-08-17 083 Josephine E. Keating 1838-1908 American literary critic, musician music teacher
JOSEPHINE E. KEATING A woman of the century (page 439 crop).jpg
Q32637229 New Bio
07-07-17 082 Mary Alice Fonda 1837-1897 Octavia Hensel American musician, linguist, author, critic
Q32491546 New Bio
07-02-17 081 Emeline S. Burlingame 1836-1923 Aunt Stomly, etc. American editor, evangelist, suffragist
Q31498285 New Bio
07-01-17 080 Annie Laurie Wilson James 1862-? American journalist
ANNIE LAURIE WILSON JAMES A woman of the century (page 426 crop).jpg
Q30323893 Impr Bio
07-01-17 079 Harriet Bates 1856-1886 Eleanor Putnam American novelist, poet
Harriet Leonora Bates.jpg
Q17388168 Impr Bio
06-30-17 078 Harriette Newell Woods Baker 1815-1893 Aunt Hattie, etc. American writer
Harriette Newell Woods Baker.png
Q5664437 Impr Bio
06-26-17 077 Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr 1831-1911 English novelist
Amelia Barr cph.3a42966.jpg
Q965138 Impr Bio
06-26-17 076 Esther Saville Allen 1837-1913 Winnie Woodbine, etc. American author
Q30812684 New Bio
06-26-17 075 Susannah Valentine Aldrich 1828-1915 American author, hymnwriter
Q31203514 New Bio
06-26-17 074 Lucy Morris Chaffee Alden 1836-1912 American author, educator, hymnwriter
Q30775340 New Bio
06-25-17 073 Isabella Macdonald Alden 1841-1930 Pansy American author
Isabella Macdonald Alden, aka Pansy, aka Mrs. G. R. Alden, c. 1886.jpg
Q1673604 Impr Bio
06-21-17 072 Frances Christine Fisher Tiernan 1846-1920 Christian Reid American novelist, author
Christian Reid.jpg
Q15429863 Impr Bio
06-20-17 071 Molly Elliot Seawell 1860-1916 American historian, writer
Molly Elliot Seawell 001.jpg
Q6896568 Impr Bio
06-20-17 070 Constance Cary Harrison 1843-1920 Refugitta American writer
Constance Cary Harrison 001.jpg
Q5163511 Impr Bio
06-19-17 069 Kate Douglas Wiggin 1856-1923 American educator, author of children's stories
Kate Douglas Wiggin 01.jpg
Q438241 Impr Bio
06-19-17 068 Amélie Rives Troubetzkoy 1863-1945 American novelist, poet, playwright
Amélie Rives 001.jpg
Q4749615 Impr Bio
06-18-17 067 Elizabeth Marney Conner 1856-? Paul Veronique American dramatic reader, educator, author
Q30646046 New Bio
06-17-17 066 Lillian Rozell Messenger 1843-1921 Zena Clifton American poet
Lillian Rozell Messenger.png
Q30326721 New Bio
06-16-17 065 Matilda Joslyn Gage 1826-1898 American women's suffragist, Native American rights activist, abolitionist, freethinker, author
Q3119366 Impr Bio
06-16-17 064 Mary Lynde Craig 1834-1921 American writer, teacher, attorney, women's property rights activist
Mary Lynde Craig.png
Q30312717 New Bio
06-13-17 063 Pacific Coast Women's Press Association 1890-1941 American press organization for women located in the western states Q30645149 New Org
06-13-17 062 Nellie Blessing Eyster 1836-1922 American journalist, writer, lecturer, social reformer
Nellie Blessing Eyster.png
Q30274586 New Bio
06-11-17 061 Eliza D. Keith 1854-1939 American educator, suffragist, journalist
ELIZA D. KEITH A woman of the century (page 440 crop).jpg
Q30237521 New Bio
06-11-17 060 Betty Bentley Beaumont 1828-1892 British author, merchant
Q30234711 New Bio
06-09-17 059 Catharine Hitchcock Tilden Avery 1844-1911 American author, editor, educator
Q30192610 New Bio
06-08-17 058 Mittie Frances Clarke Point 1850-1837 Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller American dime novelist frameless|center|30px Q30162810 New Bio
06-07-17 057 Hannah Allen 1638-1668x1708 British writer Q18671366 New Bio
06-04-17 056 Dorothy Leigh ?-c.1616 British writer Q19039458 New Bio
06-03-17 055 H. Maria George Colby 1844-1910 American journalist, temperance worker, suffragist, women's rights
Q30120876 New Bio
06-03-17 054 Susan Frances Nelson Ferree 1844-1919 American journalist, temperance worker, suffragist, women's rights
Q30118009 New Bio
06-01-17 053 Emily Lucas Blackall 1832-1892 American writer, philanthropist
Q30105770 New Bio
06-01-17 052 Aurilla Furber 1847-1898 American poet, writer
Aurilla Furber.png
Q30105469 New Bio
05-25-17 051 Alzina Stevens 1849-1900 American labor leader, journalist
Alzina Parsons Stevens.png
Q4738831 Impr Bio
05-25-17 050 Lucy Virginia French 1825-1881 L'Inconnue American author
Lucy Virginia French.png
Q6698541 Impr Bio
05-25-17 049 Rose Hartwick Thorpe 1850-1939 American poet, writer
Rose Hartwick Thorpe from American Women, 1897.jpg
Q7367750 Impr Bio
05-25-17 048 Lilian Whiting 1847-1942 American journalist, author
Lilian Whiting.jpg
Q6547718 Impr Bio
05-24-17 047 Anna Bowman Dodd 1858-1929 American author
Anna Bowman Dodd.png
Q30043194 New Bio
05-21-17 046 Lucinda Barbour Helm 1839-1897 Lucile American author, editor, women's religious activist
Lucinda Barbour Helm.png
Q30006818 New Bio
05-20-17 045 Louise Manning Hodgkins 1846-1935 American educator, author, editor
Louise Manning Hodgkins.png
Q30001866 New Bio
05-18-17 044 The Heathen Woman's Friend 1869-1940 American women's monthly missionary newspaper
The Heathen Woman's Friend 1891.png
Q28221083 Impr Bio
05-17-17 043 Annie Maria Barnes 1857-? Cousin Annie American journalist, editor, author
Q29965235 New Bio
05-16-17 042 Cora Linn Daniels 1852-? Australia, etc. American author
Q29960478 New Bio
05-15-17 041 Emma Pike Ewing 1838-1917 American educator, author
Emma P. Ewing.png
Q29954085 New Bio
05-15-17 040 Ellen Russell Emerson 1837-1907 American author, ethnologist
Ellen Russell Emerson.png
Q29953235 New Bio
05-15-17 039 Harriett Ellen Grannis Arey 1819-1901 Mrs. H. E. G. Arey American educator, author, editor, publisher
Harriett Ellen Grannis Arey.png
Q29951333 New Bio
05-13-17 038 Hattie Tyng Griswold 1842-1909 American writer, poet
Hattie Tyng Griswold.png
Q29920448 New Bio
05-13-17 037 Maria Louise Eve 1848-? American poet
Maria Louise Eve.png
Q29919584 New Bio
05-13-17 036 Annie Le Porte Diggs 1853-1916 Canadian poet, author, newspaperwoman, temperance worker, advocate
Annie Le Porte Diggs.png
Q29915973 New Bio
05-09-17 035 Eleanor Maria Easterbrook Ames 1831-1908 Eleanor Kirk American writer, publisher
Eleanor Kirk.png
Q29878442 New Bio
05-09-17 034 Eliza Archard Conner 1838-1912 Zig, etc. American journalist, lecturer, feminist
Eliza Archard Conner.png
Q29877791 New Bio
05-09-17 033 Woman's Press Club of New York City 1889-1980 American professional organization Q30638757 New Org
05-08-17 032 The Una 1883-1885 First American periodical focused on woman suffrage
The Una (newspaper).jpg
Q7771265 Impr Work
05-07-17 031 Fowler & Wells Company 1884 American publishing house incorporated in 1884 by Charlotte Fowler Wells
Fowler & Wells Company 27 East 21st Street.png
Q30638513 New Org
05-07-17 030 Charlotte Fowler Wells 1814-1901 American phrenologist, publisher
Charlotte Fowler Wells.png
Q29853882 New Bio
04-30-17 029 Annie Ryder Gracey 1836-1908 Mrs. J. T. Gracey American writer, missionary
Annie Ryder Gracey.png
Q29650219 New Bio
04-30-17 028 Lilith, The Legend of the First Woman 1885 American narrative poem by Ada Langworthy Collier
Lilith The Legend of the First Woman.png
Q29642987 New Work
04-30-17 027 Ada Langworthy Collier 1843-1919 Anna L. Cunningham, etc. American poet, writer
Ada Langworthy Collier.png
Q29633762 New Bio
04-29-17 026 Ella Maria Dietz Clymer 1847-1920 American actress, poet
Q29612297 New Bio
04-29-17 025 Katharine Sarah Macquoid 1824-1917 British novelist, travel writer
Katharine Sarah Macquoid 1891.png
Q29603573 New Bio
04-28-17 024 Julia Carter Aldrich 1834-1924 Petresia Peters American author
Julia Carter Aldrich.png
Q29587338 New Bio
04-26-17 023 Elizabeth Boynton Harbert 1843-1925 American author, lecturer, reformer philanthropist
Elizabeth Boynton Harbert.png
Q29578423 New Bio
04-24-17 022 Abba Goold Woolson 1838-1921 American writer
Abba Goold Woolson.png
Q29568827 New Bio
04-23-17 021 Emma Shaw Colcleugh 1846-1940 American journalist, lecturer, traveler, collector
Emma Shaw Colcleugh.png
Q29561479 New Bio
04-23-17 020 Alice Williams Brotherton 1848-1930 American poet, magazine writer
Alice Williams Brotherton.png
Q28380990 New Bio
04-22-17 019 Kate Brownlee Sherwood 1841-1914 American poet, journalist, translator
Kate Brownlee Sherwood.png
Q16919154 New Bio
04-21-17 018 Florence Huntley 1861-1912 American journalist, editor, humorist, occult author
Florence Huntley.png
Q29531294 New Bio
04-20-71 017 Esther Pugh 1834-1908 American temperance reformer, editor, publisher
Esther Pugh.png
Q29514634 New Bio
04-19-17 016 Lizzie P. Evans-Hansell 1836-1922 Esta Brook, etc. American novelist, short-story writer
Lizzie P. E. Evans.png
Q29508211 New Bio
04-16-17 015 Clara Louise Burnham 1854-1827 American novelist
Portrait of Clara Louise Burnham.jpg
Q29463958 New Bio
04-16-17 014 Emma Augusta Sharkey 1858-1902 Mrs. E. Burke Collins American writer, journalist, dime novelist, story-teller
Emma Augusta Browne Collins Sharkey.png
Q29435191 New Bio
04-15-17 013 Clara Augusta Jones Trask 1839-1905 Hero Strong American writer
Clara Augusta Jones Trask.png
Q29416872 New Bio
04-15-17 012 Mary Towne Burt 1842-1898 American temperance reformer, newspaper publisher, benefactor
Mary Towne Burt 1894.png
Q29414857 New Bio
04-14-17 011 Caroline Leigh Gascoigne 1813-1883 British poet, writer Q29365693 New Bio
04-12-17 010 Mildred Amanda Baker Bonham 1840-1907 Mizpah American traveler, journalist
Mildred Amanda Baker Bonham.png
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04-11-17 009 Eunice Eloisae Gibbs Allyn 1847-1916 American correspondent, author, poet
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04-11-17 008 Mary H. Gray Clarke 1835-1992 Nina Gray Clarke American author, correspondent, poet
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04-10-17 007 Mary R. P. Hatch 1848-1935 Mabel Percy American poet, novelist, short story writer
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04-10-17 006 Helen Maud Merrill 1865-1943 Samantha Spriggins American litterateur, poet
Helen Maud Merrill.png
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04-10-17 005 Velma Caldwell Melville 1858-1924 American editor, writer
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04-09-17 004 Mary Tenney Gray 1833-1904 American editorial writer, clubwoman, philanthropist, suffragette
Mary Tenney Gray.png
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04-09-17 003 Jane Elizabeth Dexter Conklin 1831-1914 American poet, journalist, religious writer
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04-08-17 002 Marie Louise Andrews 1849-1891 American short story writer, journalist, co-founder of the Western Association of Writers
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04-07-17 001 Jane Meade Welch 1854-1931 American journalist, lecturer
Jane Meade Welch.png
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"Disgusted with life, she retired to the society of books" an illustration for a story by Elizabeth Eggleston Seelye

Women Writers Project @ Northeastern University[edit]

June 15, 2018
  • Suggestions from the Women Writers Advisory Board, both writers and their works. Includes links to online research:User:AmandaRR123/WWP#Topics suggested by our scholars
  • Scholarly essays written by experts in the field and hosted on the WWP website (good leads on important titles and writers.):[1]
  • Where the WWP shares research news; link to their blog:[2]
  • Dorothy Leigh -- 17C English Protestant writer of a popular mother’s advice book The Mothers Blessing, which was addressed to her children and published posthumously in 1616. Her writings were mainly concerned with moral issues, women’s chastity and marriage rights, rape, female education, and religion. Engaging with the long-standing debate over rape, she argues, contentiously, that rape does not undermine a woman's chastity. The feelings of shame experienced by women after rape, she contends, signify their innocence, exemplified particularly in those who commit suicide. [3]
  • Hannah Allen -- English nonconformist writer, author of “A Narrative of God’s Gracious Dealings with that Choice Christian Mrs. Hannah Allen.” [4] [5]


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