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Someday, I need to post something about myself instead of just using this as a personal reference page...

My Sandbox

Current projects[edit]

Articles I want to start someday soon[edit]

Articles to edit[edit]

My accounts on other Wikiprojects[edit]

Committed identity: 08CDA2BD5D493D3151E386AA6E525220A059305F6C509189624A520E51D299B2E8812A8C3BF6B6008CD1D6D082F708EAC26C984A92D8373BD66F3A04847F5761 is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

Reference pages that I want to keep track of but don't keep on the "watchlist"[edit]

Thoughts on redirects[edit]


{{vip|user=username}} which returns username (talk · contribs)

Link rot and RfDs[edit]

Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2008 August 19#Games/Casino → Casino game

When nominators "vote"[edit]

** Comment: Nominators generally should not add a "delete" opinion in the bulleted section of these discussions. Your opinion is clear from the nomination. Adding a bullet gives the impression that you're trying to have your opinion double-counted. It creates potential confusion for the admin who eventually has to close the discussion. Thanks. ~~~~

  • It is not, because despite what wizards may say it is redirects for discussion. It is not articles for deletion or categories for deletion it is for discussion. That is why a nomination does not imply a delete. Really, it says so quite clearly. Nominating something does not imply any !vote: frequently nominators do not add a vote. When they do, it does not imply delete, it may be that they require the consensus of the community without being sure themselves. Really, what's the beef? it is hardly as if anyone will nominate a keep vote, they just boldly retarget that under WP:BRD. [User:SimonTrew|Si Trew]] (talk) 23:49, 26 April 2016 (UTC)

For threads with lots of anonymous votes[edit]

*Comment: New users should be aware that votes by anonymous and very new accounts are generally very steeply discounted during these discussions. We have had significant problems in the past with abuse of the voting process and attempts to bias the outcome by users creating [[Wikipedia:sockpuppet|]]s. Hard facts which add to the discussion are appreciated. Opinions and qualitative judgments are likely to be ignored. ~~~~

When untranscluding an exceptionally long debate[edit]

This discussion has become very long, and is no longer being shown directly on this page in order to improve performance. Please click this link to view or participate in the discussion. ~~~~<br> [[Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/pagename]]

This discussion thread has become very long and extremely difficult to sort out. In an effort to assist the admin who must eventually make this decision, I propose the use of a recap table. In addition to your vote and explanation below, please record your name in the table. Comment: For this to work, please keep all comments below. I've taken my best guess at the current opinions of the discussion participants. If I've listed anyone's vote incorrectly, please move it. ~~~~

Keep votes  
Abstain or Ambiguous vote

User:Rossami/Vandalism watch and {{Repeat vandal}} and {{Vandalism watch}}

Reference list of "surprising" VfD discussions[edit]