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Technical details[edit]

RotlinkBot is written in Scala. It uses to work with the MediaWiki API and Sweble to parse wiki markup and manipulate Wiki DOM. It uses Apache Accumulo for persistent data storage.


Find dead links (mostly by looking for {{dead link}} marks next to them) and try to recover them by searching web archives using Memento protocol; see also Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/RotlinkBot.

The current version of the bot software does not work with the other, non Memento-compatible, archives (WebCite, WikiWix,, ...).

During the test run, about 3/4 of recovered links were found on Internet Archive (because it has the biggest and oldest database), about 1/4 on (because of its proactive archiving of the new links appearing on the Wikis) and only few links on the other archives (because of their smaller size and regional specific).