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Category:Estonian Christians (PW) contains tower of PW subcats including only one 1-line unrefd (by PW) PW article Metropolitan Stephanos of Tallinn

Category:Primates of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem (PW) contains only one 1-line unrefd (by PW) PW article Torkom Manoogian

Category:Presiding Bishops of the Old Roman Catholic Church in North America (PW) contains only one 1-line unrefd PW article Francis P. Facione

Category:Primates of the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands (PW) possibly deleted, contains only one unrefd PW stub Joris Vercammen

Category:Primates of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA (PW) contains only one unrefd PW article Metropolitan Constantine (who is categorised via several cat inclusions as Ukrainian by nationality although he was born in Pittsburg and brought up in Canada)

Phillip (Saliba) (wrongly spelt), PW 1-line unrefd (by PW), sole occupant of Category:Primates of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

Ignace Pierre VIII Abdel-Ahad PW 1-line unrefd stub

John Hepworth PW 1-line unrefd stub, sole occupant of Category:Primates of the Traditional Anglican Communion

Charles D. D. Doren, Stephen C. Reber PW 1-para unrefd stubs, 2 of the 3 occupants of Category:Presiding Bishops of the United Episcopal Church of North America

Paul Kwong PW unrefd stub, 1 of the 2 occupants of Category:Archbishops of Hong Kong

Timothy O. Olufosoye PW unrefd stub

David Norman Samuel PW unrefd stub, 1 of the 2 occupants of Category:Presiding Bishops of the Church of England (Continuing) (was Primates)

James Parker Dees PW refd stub, sole occupant of Category:Presiding Bishops of the Anglican Orthodox Church (was Primates)

Leonard W. Riches PW unrefd stub, sole occupant of Category:Presiding Bishops of the Reformed Episcopal Church (was Primates)

Kenneth J. W. Powell PW unrefd stub, sole occupant of Category:Primuses of the Free Church of England

John McKendree Springer - miraculously uncategorised

Mainspace PW edits (last 1000, less repetitions)

Aage Jepsen Sparre (See also)

Abraham Mar Thoma (External links)

Absalon (References)

Abuna Takla Haymanot

Abuna Theophilos (References)

Abune Antonios (References)

Abune Dioskoros‎

Abune Merkorios (See also)

Abune Paulos (Links and References)

Abune Yacob

Adrianus Johannes Simonis (External link)

African Methodist Episcopal Church (Bishops)

Alan Harper (archbishop) (External links)

Albertus Magnus (External links)

Albion Knight, Jr.

Alexander Mar Thoma

Alexander Preston Shaw (See also)

Alfred Barry (References)

Alfred Robert Tucker (References)

Alois Josef, Freiherr von Schrenk (External link)

Alojz Tkáč‎

Anders Sunesen (External links)

Anders Wejryd‎

Andres Põder‎

Andrew Adamson‎

Andrew Hutchison (External links)

Andrey Sheptytsky (References)

Anglican Catholic Church of Canada

Anglican Church in America

Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

Anglican Communion Primates' Meeting‎

Anglican Orthodox Church‎

Anthony Peter Khoraish (References)

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America‎

Antonije Abramović

Antonios Naguib‎

Aram I

Archbishop Anastasios of Albania (External links)

Archbishop Chrysostomos I (References)

Archbishop Chrysostomos II (See also)

Archbishop Damaskinos of Jaffa

Archbishop Damaskinos (External links)

Archbishop of Armagh (Church of Ireland)

Archbishop of Canterbury (References and external links)

Archbishop of Cape Town (See also)

Archbishop of New Zealand (External links)

Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh

Archbishop of Utrecht (Roman Catholic archbishops)

Archbishop of York (See also)

Archbishop Stephen of Ohrid‎

Archbishop Yurij (Kalistchuk) (Source)

Archbishop (See also)

Archbishopric of Mainz (External links)

Archbishopric of Mechelen-Brussels‎

Archdiocese of Esztergom (External links)

Archdiocese of Esztergom-Budapest (External links)

Archdiocese of Esztergom-Budapest (External links)

Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh (External links)

Archdiocese of Turku‎

Arthur James Moore (Reference)

August Gottlieb Spangenberg (Further reading)

August Theodor Arvidson (See also)

Baselius Mar Thoma Mathews II (See also)

Basil Hopko (References)

Basil Shereghy (External link) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Bernardus Johannes Alfrink

Betty Aberlin (External links)

Beverly Waugh (External link)

Bill B. Burnett (External References)

Bishop Moore (disambiguation)

Bob Dog

Bob Trow (References)

Bonifazio Bevilacqua Aldobrandini‎

Brian Davis (cleric)

Brigitte Gabriel (See also)

Cahal Cardinal Daly (References)

Cardinal (Catholicism) (References)

Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir (External links)

Carlos Duarte Costa (External links)

Carmel Henry Carfora (External links)

Casey Kasem (External links)

Catholicos Baselios Mar Thoma Didymos I‎

Catholicos Baselios Thomas I

Catholicos Moran Mar Baselios Geevarghese of the East (Death)

Catholicos Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Mathews II of India (See also)

Catholicos of Armenia‎

Catholicos of India‎ (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Catholicos of the East (External Indian Orthodox links)

Catholicos (External links)

Cecil Wilson (External links)

Charles D. D. Doren

Charles E. Blake

Charles Harrison Mason

Charles Perry (bishop) (Reference)

Chief of the Staff of The Salvation Army‎

Christian Episcopal Church

Christian Newcomer‎

Christodoulos (External links)

Chuck Aber (External links)

Church of England (Continuing)‎ (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Church of North India (External links)

Church of Pakistan (References)

Circuit rider (religious)

Clement Daniel Rockey‎ (a little more info)

Confederation of the Rhine (Sources, References and External links)

Continuing Anglican movement (List of churches)

Cyril Mar Baselios‎ (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Daniel Payne (Further Reading)

Dave Copeland‎

David Frederick Wertz

David Hand (References)

David Hastings Moore (Birth and Early Life)

David Hope, Baron Hope of Thornes (External link)

David J. Lawson (References)

David Mirkin (External links)

David Newell (External links)

David Norman Samuel

Davis Wasgatt Clark (Ordained Ministry - wikify)

Demetrios, Archbishop of America (External links)

Dermot Ryan

Désiré-Joseph Mercier (External Links)

Desmond Cardinal Connell (External links)

Desmond Tutu (External links)

Diarmuid Martin (External links)

Diocese (Other denominations - correcting U.M. equivalent)

District Superintendent (United Methodist Church)

Don Brockett (External link)

Donald Coggan

Dorotheus of Athens

Drexel Gomez‎

Early American Methodist Newspapers

Ecumenical Patriarch Joseph II of Constantinople

Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (See also)

Edmond Browning (References and External Links - deleting cat)

Edward Malcolm

Edwin Charles Boulton (See also)

Egino, Bishop of Dalby

Eivind Berggrav

Elder (Methodism)

Eliakim Hastings Moore

Elias Hicks (References)

Elias Peter Hoayek (See also)

Elihu Yale (Titles held)

Elijah Hedding (See also)

Elizabeth Ashbridge (Reference) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Emmanuel III Delly

English Dissenters‎

Enoch George

Enos Nuttall

Episcopal Church in the Philippines‎

Erling Eidem‎

Eskil of Lund (Source)

Eugène de Beauharnais (External links)

Euthanasia (History)

Fan S. Noli (External links)

Fanny Crosby (External links)

Finn Wagle

Firoozeh Dumas

Francis Asbury (Category listings)

Francis Enmer Kearns

Francis P. Facione‎

Francis Patrick Keough

Franciszek Hodur

Frank Tracy Griswold (External links)

Franklin Elmer Ellsworth Hamilton (See also)

František Cardinal Tomášek

Franz Ludwig von Pfalz-Neuburg

Franziskus von Paula Graf von Schönborn

Fred Rogers (External links)

Frederic Barker (Reference)

Frederick M. Molyneux (References)

Frederick Maurice (External links)

Free Church of England

French Coptic Orthodox Church (External links)

Friedrich Karl Joseph von Erthal (References)

Gavrilo Dožić (Biography)

Geevarghese Mar Ivanios (External links)

Geevarghese Mar Ivanios (External links)

General Superintendent (Church of the Nazarene)

Generals of The Salvation Army (List of Generals of The Salvation Army)

Georg Müller (Catholic bishop) (External sources)

George Augustus Selwyn (External links)

George Carey (External links)

George Foster Pierce (External links)

George Fox (References)

George John Bond‎

George Otto Simms

George Richmond Grose

George Washington Walker (References)

George Whitefield (External links)

Geraldo Majella Agnelo‎

Gilbert E. Patterson‎

Gnadenhutten massacre (External links)

Godfried Danneels (External links)


Grégoire-Pierre Cardinal Agagianian

Gregory III Laham (See also)

Gregory the Illuminator (External links)

Harold C. Washington

Henry Bidleman Bascom (See also)

Henry Luke Orombi (External links)

Henry Muhlenberg

Herbert W. Chilstrom (References)

Herman (Swaiko) (Notes and references)

Herman (Swaiko) (Notes and references)

Holy Orthodox Church in North America‎ (added leader)

Holy Synod of the Assyrian Church of the East (See also)

Howard Clark (bishop)‎

Howard Mowll‎ (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Iakovos, Archbishop of America (External link)

Ignace Pierre VIII Abdel-Ahad‎

Ignacel Daoud (External links)

Ignatius Abded Aloho II (Medals)

Ignatius Afram I Barsoum (External links)

Ignatius Elias III (External links)

Ignatius Gabriel I Tappouni (References)

Ignatius IV of Antioch (Life)

Ignatius Peter IV (References)

Ignatius Ya`qub III (External links)

Ignatius Zakka I Iwas (External links)

Ilia II (External links)

Innocent of Alaska (External links)

Interdenominational Theological Center (Accreditation)

Ira D. Sankey‎

Ireney (Bekish) (Notes and references)

Isaac of Armenia (References)

Isidore of Kiev (References)

Iustin Moisescu‎

Jackie Mason (External links)

Jakob Erlandsen

James Ayong‎ (adding Primate)

James Backhouse (References)

James Cannon Jr (Notes - death)

James Cardinal Gibbons (Schools named after him)

James De Wolf (External links)

James Endicott (church leader)

James Hood (disambiguation)‎ (←Created page with 'James Hood may refer to any of the following: * James Hood - one of the first two African Americans to enroll at the University of Alabama in 196...')

James M. Cox (External links)

James Osgood Andrew (External links)

James Parker Dees‎ (←Created page with 'The Most Rev. James Parker Dees was the Founding Bishop and first Presiding Bishop and Metropolitan of the Anglican Orthodox Church. He was [...')

James Roosevelt Bayley (External links)

James Samuel Thomas (See also)

James Thomas

James Zogby

Jan Schwarz‎

Janani Luwum (External links)

Jashwant Rao Chitambar (See also)

Jean-Antoine Dubois (References)

Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve (External links)

Jens Grand (External links)

Jesper Rasmussen Brochmand (See also)

João I of Kongo‎

Joe Negri (External links)

Joel Bean (External links) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Joel Nestali Martinez‎ (←Created page with '

Joel Nestali Martinez is an American Bishop of the United Methodist Church, elected in 1992. ==Birth and Family== Joel was born...')

Johan Heyns (External Links)

Johannes de Jong‎

Johannes Willebrands (External links)

John C. A. Barrett (Publications) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

John Charles Wright (References)

John Chew Hiang Chea‎

John Coleridge Patteson (References)

[[John Edward Robinson (Methodist bishop)‎

John Habgood, Baron Habgood

John Hepworth‎ (←Created page with 'The Most Rev'd John Hepworth is the current Archbishop and Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion, an international body...')

John Jacob Astor IV (External links)

John Lasseter (External links)

John Louis Nuelsen

John Manwaring Steward (External links)

John Maron (External link)

John McKendree Springer‎ (←Created page with '

John McKendree Springer (1873-1963) was an American Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church and[[The Methodi...')

John McKendree Springer (Missionary Service)

John Monroe Moore‎

John Neill (External links)

John of Rokycan (References) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

John Richardson Selwyn

John S. Stamm (External links - correction)

John Sentamu (External links)

John Street (Streets) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

John V the Historian‎

John Vikström (Bibliography)

John Ward Armstrong‎

John Wilbur (External links)

John Zogby (External link)

Johnny Hart (External links)

Jonathan D. Keaton (See also)

Jonathan Nolan

Joris Vercammen‎ (←Created page with 'Archbishop Joris Vercammen is the current Old Catholic Primate and Archbishop of Utrecht for the[[Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands|Church of th...')

Josef Cardinal Beran‎

Joseph MacRory‎

Joshua Soule (See also)

Josyf Slipyj (References)

Józef Teodorowicz (External links)

Jozef-Ernest van Roey (Source)

József Mindszenty (References)

Juhanon Mar Thoma‎

Jukka Paarma

Julia Warhola (External links) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Justice Akrofi (External link)

Justinian Marina (External links)

K. G. Hammar (References)

Karekin I

Karekin I (Cilicia)

Karekin II

Karl Theodor Anton Maria von Dalberg

Katharine Jefferts Schori

Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien (External links)

Kenneth J. W. Powell‎ (←Created page with 'The Rt. Rev'd Kenneth J. W. Powell is a Bishop of the Free Church of England. 2007 marks the eighteenth year of his Episcopate and the twenty-sev...')

Kevin McNamara (archbishop)

Khajag Barsamian (External links)

Kim Dae Jung (External links)

Kolos Ferenc Vaszary (External links)

Kuno Pajula‎

Latin Patriarch of Constantinople

Lauri Ingman

Lawrence Cardinal Shehan (External links)

Leo (Makkonen) of Finland (External links)

Leo A. Soriano (References - change to "Notes")

Leo Joseph Suenens (External links)

Leonard W. Riches‎ (←Created page with 'The Most Rev. Leonard W. Riches is the current Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church. He also presently serves as the Bishop Ordinary...')

Leonid Feodorov (External links)

Leonty (Turkevich) (Notes and references) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Lewis Oliver Hartman (See also)

License to Preach (Methodist)‎ (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

List of Anglican bishops of Sydney (Bishops and Archbishops of Sydney)

List of Archbishops of Athens

List of archbishops of Gniezno and primates of Poland (References)

List of Armenian Patriarchs of Constantinople (External Links)

List of Armenian Patriarchs of Jerusalem‎

List of bishops and archbishops of Prague

List of Bishops of the United Methodist Church (1926-1938)

List of Church of Ireland Archbishops of Armagh (See also:-)

List of Coptic Catholic Patriarchs of Alexandria (External links)

List of Coptic Orthodox Popes of Alexandria (External links)

List of Czech and Slovak Jews

List of Greek Orthodox Patriarchs of Alexandria‎

List of Patriarchs of Babylon (References)

List of Presiding Bishops in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (External links)

List of Presiding Bishops in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America

List of primates of the Orthodox Church in America

Litt.D‎ (←Redirected page to Doctor of Letters) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Lothar Franz von Schönborn (References)

Louis-Albert Cardinal Vachon‎

Louis-Nazaire Bégin (External links)

Lubomyr Husar (Sources and References)

Lucas Cardinal Moreira Neves‎

Lukeni lua Nimi‎

Old Roman Catholic Church in North America‎ (moved Old Roman Catholic Church to Old Roman Catholic Church in North America: according to their website, this is the correct name of this Catholic denomination.)

Macarius II

Maestro di Camera del Papa‎ (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Major archbishop (External links)

Makarios II‎

Makarios III (External links)

Malabar Independent Syrian Church

Mar Aloysius Pazheparambil (External link)

Mar Antony Cardinal Padiyara (External links)

Mar Augustine Kandathil (External links)

Mar Dinkha IV (External links)

Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII (External links)

Mar Joseph Cardinal Parecattil (External link)

Mar Shimun XXI Benyamin (External links)

Mar Thoma Church (External links)

Mar Varkey Cardinal Vithayathil (External links)

Marc Ouellet (References)

Marcus Loane (References)

Maria von Trapp (External links)

[[Mariavite Church‎

Mark Hanson (External link)

[[Maronite Church‎

Martin John Spalding (Source)

Marvin Pentz Gay, Sr. (External links)

Mary Fisher

Matthew Simpson (See also)

Maurice Couture (External links)

Maurice Roy (External links)

Maximos IV Sayegh (External links)

Maximos V Hakim (External link:)

Methodist Bishops' Collection (See also) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Methodist Church in Malaysia (References) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Methodist Church in Singapore (External links)

Methodist local preacher

Metropolitan bishop (See also)

Metropolitan Constantine‎ (←Created page with 'His Beatitude, Metropolitan Constantine is the current Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA (UOC of USA), which is a...')

Metropolitan Ilarion (Ivan Ohienko) (References)

[[Metropolitan Iziaslav (Brutskiy)‎

Metropolitan John (Stinka) (Sources)

Metropolitan Mefodiy (Kudryakov) (References)

Metropolitan Michael Khoroshy (Source)

Metropolitan Seraphim of Glastonbury (External link)

Metropolitan Stephanos of Tallinn‎ (←Created page with 'His Eminence Stephanos (Charalambides) Metropolitan of Tallinn and all Estonia, is the current Primate (elected in 1999) of The Chu...')

[[Metropolitan Vasyl (Lypkivsky)‎

Metropolitan Volodymyr (Viktor Sabodan)

Metropolitan Wasyly (External links)

Michael Cardinal Logue

Michael Joseph Curley (External links)

Michael Peers (External links)

Mikael Agricola (External links)

Mike Scully (External link)

Miloslav Cardinal Vlk

Miraš Dedeić (References)

Miron Cristea

Missionary Bishop (Reference)

Mkrtich Khrimian (External links)

Muggletonianism (Reference)

Myroslav Ivan Lubachivsky (External link)

Nathan Hale (colonel) (Sources) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Nathan Söderblom (External link)

Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu‎ (←Created page with 'The Most Rev'd Nathaniel Makoto Uematsu is the current Anglican Bishop of the diocese of Hokkaido, Japan and the[[Primate (religion)|Primate...')

Nelson Wesley Trout (Links)

Nerses Bedros XIX‎ (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Nerses IV

Nicodim Munteanu (External links)

Nicolas Cheong Jin-suk (External link)

Nippon Sei Ko Kai (External links)

Njongonkulu Ndungane‎ (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Non-conformist (See also)

Officer of The Salvation Army (See also)

Ohio East Episcopal Area, U.M. Church‎ (removed template "Unreferenced|date=February 2007" and added references to article)

Ohio East Episcopal Area, U.M. Church (References)

Old Roman Catholic Church‎ (moved Old Roman Catholic Church to Old Roman Catholic Church in North America: according to their website, this is the correct name of this Catholic denomination.) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Old Roman Catholic Church in North America‎

Ole Christian Kvarme‎

Ordained Minister‎ (←Created page with 'A minister, usually of the Christian faith, who is ordained (that is, set apart) for specific work (usually preaching the Bible, administering the [...')

Osman Cleander Baker (See also - references)

Patriarch Alexius I

Patriarch Alexius II (Footnotes)

Patriarch Ambrose of Georgia (References)

Patriarch Athenagoras I of Constantinople (External links)

Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople (External links)

[[Patriarch Demetrius I of Constantinople‎

[[Patriarch Diodoros of Jerusalem‎

Patriarch Dymytriy (Yarema) (References)

Patriarch Filaret (Mykhailo Denysenko) (References)

Serbian Patriarch German II (References)

Patriarch Irenaios (External links)

[[Patriarch Karekin II Kazanjian of Constantinople‎

Patriarch Kyrion II of Georgia (References)

Patriarch Leonid of Georgia (References)

Patriarch Maximus V of Constantinople (External links)

Patriarch Mesrob II Mutafyan of Constantinople (External link)

Patriarch Mstyslav (Stepan Skrypnyk) (References)

Patriarch Nicholas VI of Alexandria

Patriarch of Jerusalem‎ (added Thomasine Patriarch)

Patriarch Parthenius III of Alexandria‎

Patriarch Peter VII of Alexandria‎

Patriarch Pimen I

Patriarch Sergius I of Moscow‎

Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria

Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem (External links)

Patriarch Volodomyr (Romaniuk) (References)

Patrick Cardinal O'Donnell

Paul Kwong‎ (←Created page with 'The Most Reverend Paul Kwong is the second Archbishop and Primate of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui and Bishop of the Diocese...')

Paul Reeves (References)

Paul Weyrich (External links)

Pavle, Patriarch of Serbia (External Links)

Peter Akinola (References)

Peter Jensen (References)

Peter Kwong (See also)

Philip (Saliba)‎ (←Created page with 'His Eminence the Most Reverend Philip (Saliba), Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of All North America, is the current[[Primate (re...')

Philip Bliss (External links)

Philipose Mar Chrysostom (References)

Phillip Aspinall (External link)

Phillips (Educational Institutions)

Phoebe Knapp‎ (John Street, not St. John)

Phoebe Palmer (Spread of Holiness concepts) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Pope Benedict XVI (Criticisms)

Pope Cyril V of Alexandria (External link)

Pope Cyril VI of Alexandria (External links)

Pope John Paul I (External links)

Pope John Paul II (External links)

Pope John XIX of Alexandria (References)

Pope John XXIII (External links)

Pope Joseph II of Alexandria (References)

Pope Macarius III of Alexandria (References)

Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria (External links)

Pope Paul VI (External links)

Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria (External links)

Praelatus nullius (Source)

Presiding Bishop (Church of God in Christ)

Presiding Bishop (Lutheran)

Primacy of Canterbury (16th century to present)

Primas Germaniae

Primate of All Ireland (See also)

Primate of Ireland (External links)

Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada (External links)

Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church (See also)

Primus (People)

Prince Albert Taylor Jr (Pastoral, Academic and Editorial Ministries - add'l info)

Prince primate (Sources and references)

Protonotary apostolic (Sources and external links) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

[[Raymond Schultz‎

Reformed Oriental Orthodox (Ethiopian Orthodox Tehadeso Church)

[[Richard Foster (religion)‎

Richard Green Waterhouse (See also)

Richard Whatcoat (Category Listings)

[[Robert G. Picard‎

Robert M. Nemkovich‎ (←Created page with 'Bishop Robert M. Nemkovich is the sixth Prime Bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church, elected by the twenty-first General Synod of this denominatio...')

Robert Machray (External links)

Robert Runcie (External links)

Robert Solomon (Methodist Bishop)‎ (←Created page with 'Robert Solomon is the current Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore. He is an ordained minister of his denomination, elected by the oth...')

Robert T. Hoshibata‎ (improved first paragraph)

Robert Troll

Robin Eames (External links)

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Armagh (External links)

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec (External links)

[[Roman Catholic Archdiocese of São Salvador da Bahia‎

Rowan Williams (External links)

[[Rush Limbaugh‎ (Rush calls himself a Christian on-air)

Rust College (References - new subsection)

[[Sahag II of Cilicia‎

Saint Mar Yosip Khnanisho X (See also)

Saint Narses‎

Samuel Heistand (Ordained Ministry)

Samuel Kaboo Morris (External links)

Samuel Kobia (External link)

Sante Uberto Barbieri (See also)

Sarkis II the Relic-Carrier

Seán Brady (External links)

Sebastian Mankuzhikary (External links)

Seekers (See also)

[[Seraphim of Athens‎

[[Severus Ibn al-Muqaffa‎

Sheng Kung Hui‎ (correcting wiki)

Soldier of The Salvation Army‎

Spyridon of Athens

Stan Lee (External links)

Stéphanos II Ghattas (External links)

Stephen C. Reber‎ (←Created page with 'The Most Rev.'d Stephen C. Reber of Statesville, North Carolina is the current Archbishop and Presiding Bishop of the[[United Episcopal Church of...')

Stephen Kim Sou-hwan (External link)

Stuart Blanch, Baron Blanch‎

[[Syro-Malabar Catholic Church‎

Ted Scott (External link)

Teoctist Arăpaşu (References)

Territorial Prelate (Sources and references)

[[The Salvation Army in Manchester‎

Theodore Balsamon (References)

Theodore Romzha (External links)

Theodosius (Lazor) (Notes and references) (top) [rollback] [vandalism]

Thomas Asbury Morris (Ordained Ministry - wikify)

Thomas Coke (bishop) (See also)

Thomas Edison (Trivia)

Thomas Mar Athanasius

Thyatira‎ (fixed Lydia wiki)

Tikhon of Moscow (External links)

Tim Burton (External links)

Timothy O. Olufosoye‎ (←Created page with 'The Most Rev'd. Timothy O. Olufosoye was the Bishop of the Anglican diocese of Ibadan, the first Metropolitan Archbishop of the ecclesiastical...')

Timothy W. Whitaker (References)

Titular bishop (References)

[[Titus I Mar Thoma‎

Titus II Mar Thoma (Sources)

Todd McFarlane (External links)

Tom Frame (bishop) (References)

Tom Frame (bishop) (References)

Tomáš Butta

Tomás Cardinal Ó Fiaich (External links)

Torkom Manoogian‎ (←Created page with 'His Beatitude Patriarch Torkom Manoogian is the current Armenian Patriarch (Primate) of Jerusalem of the Armenian Apostolic Church. {{bishop-stub}}')

United Episcopal Church of North America‎ (←Created page with 'The United Episcopal Church of North America (UECNA) is a North American Christian denomination in the Continuing Anglican Movement. In came out ...')

Uri Tracy (References)

Serbian Patriarch Varnava

Vazgen I (References)

Victor J. Pospishil (Books)

Walter Ciszek (External links)

Walter Hubert Baddeley (External links)

Walter Obare (External links)

Walter Russell Lambuth (See also)

Walter Weston (External link)

Wanake (External links)

Wilbraham Wesleyan Academy (Notable alumni)

William Alexander (bishop)

William Belton Murrah

William Booth (External links)

William Cardinal Conway (External link)

William Donald Borders (External links)

William Fletcher McMurry‎ (improvements)

William Henry Keeler (References)

William Hope Harvey (External Links)

William Stuart (archbishop)‎

William Turner Watkins (See also - 1 cat)

Wilma Kucharek

Yngve Brilioth (Selected bibliography)

[[Yousef VI Emmanuel II Thomas‎

Zbyněk Zajíc (Notes)