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Welcome! Chat, Relax, and have some Tea![edit]

Invitation: You are granted permission to edit this user page as you wish only if the changes enhances the already incredible presentation arranged and illustrated below. HaHa, "incredible!" Yea right!

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Current Focus[edit]

Tagging Articles w/o sources

For Later[edit]


Persistent Actions[edit]

"Follow the spirit, not the letter, of any rules, policies and guidelines. Disagreements should be resolved through consensual discussion, rather than through tightly sticking to rules and procedures."

Future Projects[edit]

In no particular order:

The Past[edit]

Things of the past. The past is dead. I forget those things.


From Time to Time[edit]

Once In a Blue Sun[edit]

Rules will Never Bind us[edit]

Rules can be broken and ought be broken but there are certain principles that should never be without justifiable reasons:


  • Write with a neutral, unbiased, objective point of view

Verifiability & WP:OR[edit]

  • Verify information by citing reliable sources; content must have been published prior to being on Wikipedia

Summary: Verifiable... means that any reader should be able to check that material added to Wikipedia has already been published by a reliable source. The burden of evidence lies with the editor who adds or restores material. Any material that is challenged... needs a reliable source... If an article topic has no reliable, third-party sources, Wikipedia should not have an article on it. Any edit lacking a source may be removed...

Jimmy Wales has said of this: "I can NOT emphasize this enough. There seems to be a terrible bias among some editors that some sort of random speculative 'I heard it somewhere' pseudo information is to be tagged with a 'needs a cite' tag. Wrong. It should be removed, aggressively, unless it can be sourced. This is true of all information...

Editors should try to familiarize themselves with all three.

Useful Tools[edit]


  • to request citation for a statement


  • to indicate that some information has not been verified and may not be reliable
  • to request sources for an article or section


  • to warn of non-neutral bias
  • to nominated an article to be checked for its neutrality


  • to express concern that the subject of the article does not satisfy notability guidelines


  • to request expansion of an article


  • to propose an article for deletion.

Use Subst:Prod|Insignificant Topic and/or Notability


  • to propose an article for speedy deletion.

Selected Featured Articles[edit]

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