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Renato M.E. Sabbatini
I, The Great Gavini, hereby award o senhor Sabbatini a Barnstar for his brilliant work, and also because he has his own article. Parabéns! - 19:02, 17 January 2006 (UTC)

The Brazil Star[edit]

Brazilian Star.svg The Brazil Star
A long over due recognition for your work on the article War of Canudos. In August 2005 you wrote the entire article by yourself and gave the article its current form. Great job! EconomistBR 18:42, 22 November 2008 (UTC)

Renato Marcos Endrizzi Sabbatini, PhD
Former Director, Center for Biomedical Informatics State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
Associate professor, School of Medicine UNICAMP
Founder and president, the Edumed Institute for Education in Medicine and Health.
Campinas, São Paulo Brazil
Home page:

See: the meaning and origins of Renato, Marcos, Endrizzi and Sabbatini.

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This user comes from Brazil.

Currently I am 2505th of Wikipedians in the rank by number of edits (date of 30th December 2009), with 14,445 edits.
See my current number of edits.

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Map of the microregion of Campinas, Brazil
Metrazol molecule
Map of Canudos region, Brazil
A church in Paraty, Brazil
Room videoconferencing
Campos do Jordão, Brazil
Campos do Jordão, Brazil
Historical building, Sobral, Ceará, Brazil
Serra Negra, Brazil
São Paulo Zoo
Laser sintering device
Map of the microregion of Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
Pentium IV PC
Serra Negra, Brazil
Sobral, Brazil
Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis
Dom Pedro I Highway, km 140, Campinas
Dom Pedro I Highway, km 145, Campinas
PUCCAMP, Campinas
COMSAT Brazil, Campinas
Videoconferencing system
Videoconference keyboard
Entrance of the UNICAMP main campus
Triple frontier Brazil/Paraguay/Argentina
Dom Pedro I Highway tollgates
Renato de Albuquerque
Lucent Brazil in Campinas
IBM Brazil, Hortolândia
Alphaville I, Campinas
Rodovia Campinas-Capivari
Rodovia Fernão Dias
Sete Lagoas. MG
Joaquina beach, Florianópolis
Sports (mosaic)
Shopping Galleria
Rodovia Campinas-Capivari
Anhanguëra Educacional
Usina Santa Elisa
Rodovia Santos Dumont
A view of the campus
Department of Pathology
University Hospital
Medical Student Housing
A professor's house
Main gates
Administration building
Main building
Dam and lake in the campus
Rodovia Attilio Balbo
Ponte no Rio Grande
100px|thumb|Cover of the Journal of Health Informatics
Ribeirão Preto beltway map
thumb|100px|Cover of Cosmo On-line
Dr Luciano Endrizzi
thumb|100px|Cover of BJMBR

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