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Rtyu1120 (or Basix) is a student programmer.

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This user's favorite subject is computing.
Against cyberbullying.svgThis user is against cyberbullying.
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Pocketp.gif This user is proud to be a nerd, although they prefer not to brag and often go(es) incognito without a pocket protector.
Gnome-utilities-terminal.svgThis user wants to learn about Computer Science.
PD-icon.svgThis user is against DRM.
Internet mail icon.svg This user's email is
Free and open-source software logo (2009).svgThis user supports free software.
Inkscape Logo.svgThis user contributes using Inkscape.
The GIMP icon - gnome.svgThis user uses GIMP.
Thunderbird Faenza.svgThis user's primary email client is Mozilla Thunderbird.
Logo-libreoffice.svgThis user writes with the LibreOffice suite.
Keybase logo official.svgThis user is on Keybase.
prog-2This user is an intermediate programmer.
WebThis user is a web developer

en-1This user can contribute with a basic level of English.