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One of my favourite uploads to Wikimedia Commons

My name is Alex and I edit Wikipedia, and multiple other projects, as a hobby. I live in central England, in the UK and I am 22 years old.

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Wikipedia editing[edit]

I began editing on the day I created my account, November 5, 2014, but had previously contributed as an IP. I edit Wikimedia projects as a hobby in my spare time. My editing is varied: I'm not sure how I would sum it up. I patrol recent changes and new pages frequently; I help revert vandalism, but also welcome new users and help copyedit and categorise articles. I frequently use the semi-automated tools HotCat, Twinkle and, as of January 2019, Huggle, to assist with this. I've been a pending changes reviewer for several years and patrol pending changes for similar reasons (I am also a new page reviewer). Additionally, I contribute to discussions by the Wikipedia community, such as Articles for deletion and Redirects for discussion. I have created several hundred articles and have the autopatrolled right as a result: however, I have not always created articles on a regular basis. I also use AutoWikiBrowser sometimes, mostly to help fix typos, especially using the New Pages feed. Although I use several other wikis fairly regularly (see below), I am most active on this site.

In real life[edit]


Saved articles
articles I have prevented from being deleted through improvement
an awards page for tokens of appreciation for my editing, which I greatly appreciate
a page for experimentation and notes
CSD and PROD logs
I previously had these deleted but later asked that they be restored. I disliked having a record of so many pages I had asked to be deleted: however, I restored these for the purpose of keeping an accurate record which would otherwise be much more difficult to track.

Useful Wikipedia pages[edit]


Writing articles[edit]


Tools (for more experienced users)[edit]

Other Wikistuff[edit]

Simple English Wikipedia Wikibooks Wikinews Wikivoyage Wikisource Wikiquote Wikiversity Commons Wikidata Wiktionary Wikispecies MediaWiki Meta Outreach

Additional: Special:CentralAuth/Rubbish computer - My edits to all Wikimedia Foundation projects

Thanks and happy editing. --Rubbish computer (Talk: Contribs)