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Ruben Schade
Ruben Schade studying Ruby programming books.jpg
Born Australia North Shore, Sydney
Residence Australia Sydney (currently)
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Australia Adelaide
Australia Brisbane
Australia Melbourne
Nationality Australia Australian
Germany German
Ethnicity White and nerdy
Alma mater UTS, AISS, TLA
Occupation Software developer, writer
Home town  Singapore
Height 0.00182 kilom
Religion None
en-au This user is a native speaker of Australian English.
UK This user uses British English.
en-sg-2.5 This user actually can understand Singlish lah, but dun speak much lor.
Metric seal.svg This user prefers the metric system.
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Ruben Schade is a Wikipedian, developer, IT student, blogger and tech writer currently based in Sydney, Australia. A Wikimedia Foundation advocate, an ang moh gaijin, an obsessive enumerator, a propagator of The Word, a digital nomad, and a world citizen, he mostly contributes to Wikipedia from various coffee shops.

From the 15th of September 2004 to leap day 2012 (how auspicious!), this user was known as User:Rubenerd, a contraction concatenation Constantinople portmanteau of Ruben and nerd.


Having read Wikipedia since the UseModWiki days, and contributing infrequent grammar and syntax corrections since 2004, in January 2012 he started editing more seriously. He currently focuses on:

  • Brick edit.png General maintenance tasks such as syntax, spelling and grammer correction, categorising articles and uploading missing media. This is often done through serendipity and as a result of being an obsessive Wikipedia reader, though I also lurk in the maintenance categories and WikiProject to-do lists.

The Whole Wheat Radio wiki

Prior to getting more involved here, I was a listener, contributor and administrator for the wonderful Whole Wheat Radio, a webcast and collaborative wiki showcasing independent musicians such as Marian Call. Coming from that site I learned a great deal about MediaWiki syntax, as well as interpersonal relationships on collaborative sites. When Jim Kloss took the site offline due to extenuating circumstances, I decided to apply my skills to Wikipedia.

Friends and lovely Wikipedians



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