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Please direct comments to my talk page.

...and yes, I know, my English sucks!
You are hereby granted permission to correct it everywhere:
on talk pages, in articles, below, yes, really everywhere!

In practice, I left this project at the end of September 2004, when my employer rebased me. Since then, I've had no fast and easy private connection to "the Net".

Anyway, my life took a new turn on October 1st 2004, and a year later, at the time of writing, I am quite happy with this.

One aspect is that I have a lot less interest for the English speaking world these days. This is a development that has emerged gradually, but in the fall of 2004 it was with great relief that I started to acquaint myself with yet another new language, a new culture, and pretty much a new way of thinking.

Since my initial entanglement with the Wikipedia project to a great deal was based on a wish to hold on to an admiration for things American, American values, and generally on ideological, political and historical thinking expressed on English; and since this admiration has wained dramatically starting in the fall of 2002, it clearly was to be expected that I was about to cut down on my Wikipedia-investments of time, energy, and emotions sooner or later.

However, there is also contributing the more Wikipedia-specific frustration over a Wiki-software that rewards commitment to spreading one's own peculiar views (and/or misconceptions) instead of rewarding established truths and facts in combination with wordings that are attributing views to specific representatives for these views.

There is no use here, I think, to put a name on the Wikipedian who finally made me give up on this project. Anyone who can use the User contributions and Page history links will easily realize whom I am referring to.

My previous frontpage is User:Ruhrjung/old frontpage.

Please direct comments to my talk page.