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Rump legislature[edit]

Rump senate[edit]

New Jersey[edit]

Chicago Tribune Jan 10, 1894[edit]


NEW JERSEY DEMOCRATS ATTEMPT TO ORGANIZE A RUMP SENATE. Nine Holdover Members Lock Themselves in the Chamber and Elect Robert S Adrian Temporary President--The Four Holdover and Seven Newly-Elected Republicans Meet Soon Afterward in the Cloak-Room and Defy the Orders of Their Opponents. Republicans Force an Entrance. Threats of Violence Made. Receive the Governor's Message.

Chicago Tribune Jan 10, 1894

New York Times April 15, 1909[edit]

FORCE SUPPRESSES JERSEY SENATOR; Sergeant at Arms, on Orders, Compels Gebhardt to Sit Down and "Shut Up." FIGHT ON UTILITIES BILL Most Exciting Scene Since the Days of the "Rump Senate " -- The Senator Defiant to the Last.

TRENTON, April 14. -- The most exciting scene witnessed in the State House since the breaking down of the doors years ago in the year of the "rump Senate" was witnessed to-day, when Senator Gebhardt of Hunterdon was suppressed by the Sergeant at Arms and told to "shut up."

New York Times

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