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Battlestar Galactica updated 20 May 2006 || ended: no longer interested
Having got bored of star trek my attention turned to Battlestar Galactica, but now I have tired of that too, and all fiction on Wikipedia generally.

Command & Conquer cleanup updated 20 May 2006 || ended: too much effort
Attempts to clean up the mess of C&C-related articles have been blocked by a small group of C&C fans who insist that Wikipedia must document every facet of anything to do with C&C. See discussion here. Even fictional statistics are being defended - it beggars belief. And now that a new game of the series is coming out there will be no opportunity to return to this and I've decided to withdraw my meddling permanently.

Star Trek Voyager updated 1 April 2006 || ended: no longer interested
After writing up 12 episodes I got terribly bored of this. Can't be arsed.

City Building Series updated 18 February 2006 || unfinished
Must remember to finish the Pharaoh (video game) article. When I get home and install the game I shall take some screenshots (the internet is depressingly void of decent Pharaoh screenshots). The City Building Series article however is now pretty much complete, in my eyes. And the other games in the series I don't really know well enough to write about.

Worms (computer game) - Featured Article updated 15 March 2006 || unfinished
Note to self: go through Worms (computer game) article with a fine toothcomb and finally nominate it for FA.