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Welcome! I'm "Runa27"! If you wanna know more about me, see below. If you wanna contact me, see my Talk page.

I also have (just) started to edit on the Spanish-language Wikipedia as well, under the same name. :) Edit this page


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Articles I Created[edit]

These are the articles I have created on the English-language Wikipedia, in chronological order:

  • Companion (Firefly) (woot! My first article to get rated better than a stub on its creation! :D )
  • Mat (picture framing) (Yes. Those little paper boards in picture frames. You'd be surprised how long an article I got out of it! There's no way that amount of useful information could fit in picture frame without somebody eventually complaining that the article was about to be about mats more than frames, so I just jumped ahead and made it)
  • Fillet (picture framing) (You have no idea how hard it is to describe a fillet without a picture. Good thing I had a couple! Anyway, I'm proud of how nice the formatting ended up looking - by the way, this marks my tenth article created! Woot!)

Articles I've Heavily Contributed to[edit]

This is a list of articles which I did not create, but which I have done what I would consider frequent and/or heavy contributions and editing to. This list is alphabetical as opposed to chronological because I frequently will go back to see how they're doing and contribute some more. This list may be slightly inconsistent, as I sometimes will make a major re-write (like I did for boyband) without remembering I did it, though I am going to try and keep better track of them.

Articles I've Made A Couple of Significant Changes/Edits to[edit]

This list is somewhat subjective, as I have no definitive line between a merely "significant change" and a "heavy contribution". As an example, my rewriting of both Man-Faye and boyband for NPOV and better organization are "major" enough (e.g. big change in tone and/or organization) for me to list them in the above list, but the edits and contributions I've made to beta reader I consider more minor, though still noteworthy enough to list here. Even major changes may be added to this list in lieu of the above one if the article remains a stub or stub-quality after I've edited it. Note that I have made a number of other, generally more minor edits to any number of other articles I've run across, as well.

Articles On the Spanish-language Wikipedia That I'm Trying, Though Not Always With Much Success, to Contribute To[edit]

Fan fiction

Cool article of the moment:[edit]

Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

...because it cropped up so fast, and became so well-sourced in that short time, quickly becoming a Featured Article. How can I not admire that kind of rapid-fire diligence and hard work? Wikipedia at its best. :) (Plus, I'm fond of Stephen Colbert anyway, heh)

Previous cool articles of the moment for me:[edit]

Antikythera mechanism

...ancient computer! How can you not think it cool?? Plus, very well-sourced article (also a Featured Article).

Quotes That Will Probably Get Deleted But Are Nonetheless Kinda Cool[edit]

The underlying phenomena of the continual production of syntactic constructs (sentences) seems to be a basic part of what makes us human. In social situations we are prolific communicators, and this is generally accomplished with spoken language. It may be that in the absence of someone else to talk to that the mind rehearses things one might say, thus getting a chance to practice the various muscle movements needed to carry out this complex ballet called speech. - from Stream of Consciousness.

Getting Distantly Personal...[edit]

Time for userboxes!

About Me As A User[edit]

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