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I edit using my trusty red pencil.

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I am a Mexican student who just obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. For at least a couple years before signing up I had been mostly fixing spelling mistakes in Wikipedia. At some point I realised I was spending a significant amount of time in the site so I decided to create myself an account in April 2005.

I mainly edit topics related to Chemistry and Mexico, but I tend to hang around History and fencing articles too. However, I generally contribute towards anything that manages to grab my attention. I also do wiki housekeeping chores from time to time, of which cleanup receives most of my time.

I only peer review articles in areas and topics I know I will be able to give significant input beyond layout suggestions or superfluous comments. This requires me to be comfortably familiar with the subject and therefore limits the number of articles I am able to review. I try to make up for this by giving thorough feedback on each article, but whether or not I am able to do this successfully is left to others to judge.

As an editor I consider myself to be neither inclusionist nor deletionist. I believe each article should be judged on its own merits even if the subject seems ludicrous at a first glance. As a consequence I hang around articles for deletion with certain regularity too.

Some aspects of my work in Wikipedia

Random trivia

My username is a slight modification of the name of the Phantasy Star IV character Rune Walsh, probably the coolest wizard in the entire history of videogames.

As of January 15, 2019, this user page and its subpages have been vandalized 7 times. You are encouraged to do so in creative ways.

My score in the automated version of the wikiholic test was 227.

My editing milestones:

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