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  • My username is a meaningless phrase from the CAPTCHA I had to fill out on here.
  • If a good-faith editor is inserting promotional links, adding the word "spam" to the discussion isn't very nice. I created WP:EXTPROMO as an alternative to the unfortunately-named WP:LINKSPAM and all the other shortcuts that go to the relevant section.

Online World of Wrestling[edit]

I'm just leaving this here for my own reference. Although if you're reading this and would like to help, that'd be super. Here's why those links are being removed.

Long-term cause-of-death abuse[edit]

thread and the relevant filter, 770

Raw citation text[edit]

<ref name="polydorevergil">{{cite web |url= |last1=Vergil |first1=Polydore |publisher=The Philological Museum of the University of Birmingham |title=Anglica Historia (1555 version) |deadurl=no |accessdate=29 August 2016}}</ref>


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