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И слово вещее - не ложно,
И свет с Востока засиял,
И то, что было невозможно,
Он возвестил и обещал.

И, разливаяся широко,
Исполнен знамений и сил,
Тот свет, исшедший от Востока,
С Востоком Запад примирил.

О Русь! В предвиденье высоком
Ты мыслью гордой занята;
Каким же хочешь быть Востоком:

Востоком Ксеркса иль Христа?

My name is Алекса́ндр Григорьев (Alexander Grigoryev). I am a linguistics and history student of Ukrainian descent living in Russia. I like to read and paint. My main interest is the history of Western and Asian technology and linguistics. On Wikipedia, I also contribute to articles on art and architecture.

Currently working on[edit]

  • General clean up and monitoring of list of invention articles. I regularly remove entries that don't count as inventions.
  • I regularly remove bad sources, misuse of sources, and text without sources from articles.

Ukrainian articles[edit]

Articles that are starred are the ones that I created

Cleanup of nationalist and other POV edits[edit]

  • I work to fight the use of unreliable nationalist sources in articles and will remove them if spotted. Nationalism by Chinese or Indian or Muslim POV warriors has been a huge problem on Wikipedia. It unfairly minimizes the many contributions to modern society by the Greeks and Romans, sometimes by misusing or cherry picking sources. I am not a European nationalist, just an editor who believes in Wikipedia's neutrality and reliable source policies. I regularly contribute to articles on the technology of Indians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Persians, Egyptians, and others.