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Large Hadron Collider[edit]

  • Source of REAL mythology, old greeks made constellation myths based on their gods and heroes, why can't LHC quests for knowledge be an equally valid and stimulating myth/symbol basis for our modern culture? The five quests of Large Hadron Collider:
  1. Newton's unfinished business... What is mass?
  2. An invisible problem... What is 96% of the universe made of? (Dark Matter is one theory)
  3. Nature's favouritism... Why is there no more antimatter?
  4. Secrets of the Big Bang ... What was matter like within the first second of the Universe’s life?
  5. Hidden worlds... Do extra dimensions of space really exist?

Elements that didn't exist, or so...[edit]

User:Rursus/Lynx/Lynx-6. ★ for Elements covered by User:Stone.


  • 8:
  • 23:
    • panchromium★ (1801) was in real life a correct initial discovery of vanadium, but the discoverer del Río was erroneously convinced by a Collet-Descotils and von Humboldt to retract the discovery, true find retracted erroneously
  • 26:
    • coronium (1869) or newtonium (1902), presumably lighter than hydrogen, was in fact many times ionized iron (1930), false find
  • 27:
    • gnomium★ (1892) was a proposed element lighter than cobalt but otherwise chemically almost indistinguishable, conceived to explain the weird atomic weight sequence 56, 59, 59 from iron over cobalt to nickel, this "weird" sequence remained and gnomium was still not discovered, the atomic weight was later replaced with atomic numbers, erroneous theory
  • 31:
    • austrium★ (1886) was a possible unpublished discovery of gallium that was found among the leaved material after the chemist Eduard Linnemann, not reproduced
  • 39:
    • wasium★ (1862) was a misidentified mixture of elements in Allanite-(Y) presumed to be a new element, confused analysis
  • 41 the position in the periodic system occupied by niobium:
  • 43 the position in the periodic system occupied by technetium:
  • 44:
    • vestium (1807) a supposed but never confirmed discovery of ruthenium, discovery failure
  • 59:
  • 62:
  • 85:
  • 87:
    • russium (1925) false claim for discovery of francium, discovery failure
    • alkalinium (1926) erroneous claim of discovery, discovery failure
    • virginium (1930) disproven claim of discovery, discovery failure
    • moldavium (1936) very spurious claim of discovery, not reproduced
  • 90:
    • carolinium★ (1901) was one element of the presumed mixture of elements that constitute thorium, which by later findings is one single element, erroneous theory
    • berzelium★ (1904) was another element in that presumed mixture, erroneous theory
  • 93:
  • 94: