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World Software Corporation
Privately-Held Company
Industry Information Technology
Founded 1988
Headquarters Glen Rock, New Jersey
Area served
Key people
Ray Zwiefelhofer (President)
Products SAAS, Document Management

World Software Corporation is a privately-held software corporation that is the creator and distributor of Worldox, a document management software client. More than 5,000 organizations use Worldox software, including law firms, legal departments and financial services companies.[1]


World Software Corporation was founded in 1988 to produce EXTEND-A-NAME, a program that allowed users to circumvent MS-DOS' labeling settings through the use of descriptively-long file names. Where Microsoft MSDOS assigned what would later become known as classic 8.3 short file names (SFNs) to all documents by default, EXTEND-A-NAME lengthened the bit variables storing the documents’ titles dynamically, allowing for significantly quicker document search and retrieval. The default implementation of these long filenames (LFNs—up to 255 UCS-2 code units long), now a standard feature of modern FAT and NTFS file systems, would not be introduced in Windows until Microsoft Windows 95.[2][3][4]

Later in 1992, World Software released Worldox, an enterprise document management system for Microsoft Windows 3.0. Worldox has remained the flagship product of World Software Corporation, and has been updated through many different iterations since 1992, currently existing as Worldox GX3.[5], in addition to support products such as Worldox for iPad, iOS, Mac, and Worldox web/mobile.[6][7][8]

In 2013, World Software released partner integration solutions with both Sony and Canon USA.[9][10]

Worldox GX3 running on Microsoft Windows 8

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