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Real quick: here is what I have attempted on Wikipedia:

New Pages[edit]

Alfred James Phasey : A 19th century British bandsman and tenor brass artist credited with giving the euphonium its unique bore that separates it from the baritone horn.

Baritone and Euphonium Manufacturers : A list of defunct and active manufacturers of tenor brass instruments.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp : A summer music camp in Michigan that facilitates international exchange programs in the arts and hosts the Leonard Falcone International Tuba and Euphonium Festival (replaced deleted article cited for advertising)

Boston Musical Instrument Company : A 19th and early 20th century brass instrument manufacturer.

Brian Bowman : A Professor of euphonium and noted groundbreaking performer on the same.

E.A. Couturier : An early 20th century cornet virtuoso and instrument manufacturer.

F.A. Reynolds : A 20th century instrument designer and manufacturer.

Gassaway : Disambiguation for the persons and places bearing the Gassaway, Gasaway and Gazaway names as well as redirects for Gasaway and Gazaway.

Commodore Isaac Mayo : A 19th century American Naval hero, owner of Gresham house and namesake of Mayo Maryland who was dismissed from the Navy at age 67 for opposing the Civil War.

Leonard Falcone : A Baritone virtuoso and Director of Bands at Michigan State University; namesake of the Leonard Falcone International Tuba and Euphonium Festival.

Nicholas Gassaway : 17th century Maryland planter, Justice, Colonel of Provincial Forces, Member of the Committee of Twenty and originator of the Gassaway, Gasaway, and Gazaway family name.

Renold Schilke : A Chicago Symphony trumpeter, scientific researcher into brass instrument physics, and brass instrument and mouthpiece manufacturer.

Simone Mantia : A Euphonium and trombone soloist with Sousa's band and Arthur Pryor's band. First virtuoso to record on euphonium.

K9C Sinbad (USCG) : A canine chief petty officer during WWII that was enlisted in the service as a being (not property) and who was the first member of the United States Coast Guard to be the subject of a published biography (and only such for half a century).

USCGC Campbell : Disambiguation for the 6 revenue/coast guard vessels of that name.

Major Rewrites/Stub expansions[edit]

Distin family : A 19th century saxhorn quintet and Henri Distin, the instrument manufacturer.

Getzen : A Family owned brass instrument manufacturer.

Harry Begian : A band director and nationally recognized music educator who taught at Cass Technical High School in Detroit as well as Wayne State University, Michigan State University, the University of Illinois and Purdue University.

Holton (Leblanc) : An old brass instrument company, now owned by woodwind maker Leblanc, a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments' Conn-Selmer division.

International Tuba Euphonium Association : An association for tuba and euphonium players, teachers, and others; formerly known as Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association or T.U.B.A.

Paul V. Yoder : A prolific American band music composer and arranger who focused on young bands and was involved in the school band movement in post-war Japan.

USCGC Campbell (WMEC-909) : An active duty medium endurance famous class coast guard cutter that was the on-scene command for the TWA-800 investigation, credited with some of the largest narcotics siezures by USCG and is bearer of the legacy of Sinbad.

Vincent Bach Corporation : A brand of the Conn-Selmer company known for trumpets and bugles founded by Vincent Bach.

Vincent Bach : An Austrian-American cornetist and manufacturer of brass instruments and mouthpieces.

Significant Edits to[edit]

All Hallows Church (South River, Maryland)

Earle Louder

Gresham (Edgewater, Maryland)

Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke

Michigan Marching Band History

Michigan State University Fight Song

Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band

USCGC Campbell (WPG-32)

Vega Company

William D. Revelli

Starts I hope others will expand[edit]

Toru Miura (musician) : A Euphonium master in Japan

Edward Llewellyn (trumpeter) : The former principal trupmet of the Chicago Symphony, composer and teacher.

Feedback, guidance, tips, etc. welcome and encouraged !

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