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Hola, konichiwa, guten tag, and hello. Sorry if I misspelled anything but I don't speak Japanese and I can't put accented letters in this. Those are all the ways I know to say hello. DON'T JUDGE ME!!! I like bacon, cheese, comedy movies, and oh yeah, I'm a guy. I love sci-fi movies and fantasy novels. I am mildly obsessed with Godzilla, Star Wars, Star Trek, and I wish I were a super-cool Ninja dude. I love the following TV shows: Scrubs, Mythbusters, Naruto, One Piece, Friends, Seinfeld, Da Ali G Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, How I Met Your Mother, and I think that Jimbo Wales is god.DON'T JUDGE ME!!!

Crystal Clear app date.png Today is 24 November 2017
Crystal Clear app aim3.png This user has no understanding of time and does everything at the last minute.
This user is diurnal.
Earthshine 2005-09-01.jpg This user is nocturnal. Square-townsend-fledermaus.jpg
Back left.JPG This user had a flux capacitor seized by the FBI.
Windup alarm clock.jpg This user loathes, but is forced to observe, daylight saving time.

@ This user does not wish to disclose their email or screen name.
Nuvola apps kdmconfig.png This user is a member of [SBC Global name].
Google 2015 logo.svg This user uses Google as a primary search engine.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user uses Wikipedia as a primary point of reference.
This user's Internet service provider is AT&T.
IE This user contributes using
Internet Explorer.
Icon - Blue globe with a gold orbit.png This user contributes using
Internet Explorer 7.
XP This user uses Windows XP.
W This user contributes using Microsoft Word.
Crystal krfb.png This user contributes using a PC.
BB This user contributes using a broadband connection.
I This user is a fan of Improvisational comedy.
Ph This user is a fan of Physical comedy.
Ph This user is a fan of Physical comedy.
SU This user is a fan of Stand-up comedy.
MontyPythonFootLeftSmall.jpg This user is a Monty Python fan.
Grouchoicon.jpg This user is a Marxist,
with a Groucho tendency.
A&C Who's on First, What's on Second, I Don't Know's on Third.
Git-R-Done! This user is a fan of Larry the Cable Guy.
БОРАТ This user is a fan of Borat.
Atkinson Rowan.jpg The user is a SUPER FAN of
Mr. Bean.
Pizza.jpg This user prefers pepperoni pizza.
Hotdogs.JPG This user eats sufficient quantities of Hot Dogs to positively qualify as an Honorary Hot Dog in their own right.
Swiss cheese cubes.jpg This user eats cheese.
Bowl of chili.jpg This user eats chili.
French fries juliane kr r.svg This user loves to eat fries, or chips.
Popcorn.jpg This user eats popcorn.
Kartoffelchips-1.jpg This user eats potato chips.
Quesadilla.jpg This user eats quesadillas.
Spaghetti-prepared.jpg This user loves spaghetti.
SausageForkSmall.jpg This user loves sausages.
Malus-Danziger-Kantapfel.jpg This user eats apples.
Bananas.jpg This user eats bananas.
Melon cantaloupe.jpg This user eats cantaloupes.
Mercat de la Boqueria Sant Josep 11.JPG This user loves oranges.
Pineapple victoria dsc07770.jpg This user loves to eat pineapples.
☢ This user enjoys limes AND all things limey.
Autumn Red peaches.jpg If they had their little way, this user would eat peaches every day.
Pear This user eats pears.
CDC raspberry.jpg This user eats raspberries.
FraiseFruitPhoto.jpg This user eats strawberries.
Watermelon seedless.jpg This user eats watermelon.
NCI cream cheese bagel.jpg This user eats bagels.
Muffin NIH.jpg This user enjoys muffins.
Banana on pancake.jpg This user loves pancakes.
Spaghetti.jpg This user loves pasta.
Gaufre molle.jpg This user is a waffle eater.
Carrots with stems.jpg This user eats carrots.
Iceberg lettuce in SB.jpg This user hates iceberg lettuce salad.
Potatoes.jpg This user eats potatoes.
Chicken fingers and fries.jpg This user eats Chicken Fingers as often as they can.
Prime.jpg This user loves to eat beef.
Roast chicken.jpg This user eats chicken.
Brownies.jpg This user loves brownies.
Chocolate cake.jpg
This user loves cake.
Candy-Corn.jpg This user eats candy corn.
Chocolate02.jpg This user eats chocolate.
Jellybeans.png This user enjoys jelly beans.
abc This user eats M&Ms.
Apple pie.jpg This user likes pie.
PS This user is addicted to Pixy Stixs
Swedishfish.jpg This user eats Swedish Fish.
Choco chip cookie.png This user eats cookies.
Freshly baked gingerbread - Christmas 2004.jpg This user eats Gingerbread Cookies.
Hot chocolate.jpg This user drinks hot chocolate.
Oranges and orange juice.jpg This user drinks orange juice.
Milk glass.jpg This user drinks milk.
New chocolate milk.JPG This user drinks chocolate milk.
H20 This user drinks water.
Coffee cup icon.jpg This user takes his/her coffee with number cream creams and number sugar sugars.
Green Tea.jpg This user drinks green tea.
TeabagandMilk.jpg This user believes that you should never put milk in with the tea bag.
S-1 This user only drinks carbonated beverages on special occasions.
Coca-Cola logo.svg
This user drinks Coca-Cola
C2H5OH-0 This user is a non-drinker.
This user eats at KFC.
Tacobellsunnyvale.jpg This user eats at Taco Bell.
International draughts.jpg This user is a checkers player.
ChessSet.jpg This user enjoys chess.
Nuvola apps ksysv.png
This user passed GO!
(…so where is my $200?)
Gamepad.svg This user is addicted to video games.
Gamepad.svg This user enjoys computer and video game music outside gaming.
X This user plays the Xbox.
This user still enjoys the
Nintendo 64
fan-3 This user thinks that Halo is the best video game series ever established.
AC This user plays the Animal Crossing series.
Wikihalo.png This user plays the Halo series.
This user plays the Jedi Knight series of games such as Jedi Outcast.
This user likes to ride lines.
This user thinks LEGO Star Wars and its sequel are two of the greatest video games ever.
Warp pipe edited.PNG This user plays games in the Super Mario series.
MINE-1 This user is a beginner minesweeper.
D'NI This user plays the Myst series.
This user really wants that thing...
(-o-) This user plays the Pokémon RPGs and other related video games.
RCT This user plays RollerCoaster Tycoon.

SmashBall.png This user is a Super Smash Brother!
Smash Ball.png This user thinks the best Smash Bros. character is {{{2}}}.
THPS This user plays the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series
Star Fox Interface Textless.svg This user plays the Star Fox series.
Triforce.svg This user plays games from The Legend of Zelda series.

Nayru... Din... hot. Farore... not.
This user is Dark Link. Do what he says or die. Look, Link behind him's even about to bow.
Congrats! This user found the Triforce!
fan-3 This user's favorite computer or video game character is Master Chief.
Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor JSOH.jpg This user is interested in military aircraft and their history.
Bodie ghost town.jpg This user is interested in
ghost towns.
1099jerusalem.jpg This user is interested in the Crusades.
band-3 This user likes All American Rejects.
band-3 This user likes Green Day.
band-3 This user likes Bee Gees.
fan-3 This user loves "Weird Al" Yankovic.
cRap This user can't stand rap music.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user enjoys pop music.
Crystal Clear app kguitar.svg This user enjoys rock music.
6G iPod.svg This user has an iPod.
Glowy thing.png This user is interested in psionics.
P culture.svg This user is interested in drama and acting.
XD This user is interested in comedy, and may enjoy writing or performing it.
Black pan with stir-fried vegetables (broccoli, onion, red pepper).jpg This user enjoys cooking.
Camera-video.svg This user enjoys filmmaking.
Origami bird.png This user enjoys origami.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user enjoys singing.
White shark.jpg This user is fascinated by Sharks!
No smoking symbol.svg
This user does not smoke.
Legobrick.png This user is a Lego enthusiast
Crystal Clear app kbattleship.png This user just sank your battleship.
Candlestick LACMA 56.35.90.jpg This user thinks it was Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory with the Candlestick.
Transformers layered text logo.png This user is a Transformers fan.
Open book 01.svg This user enjoys reading fiction.
Nuvola apps bookcase.svg This user is a book lover.
Humour mouth.png This user enjoys reading humorous literature.
Alice through the looking glass.jpg This user enjoys reading Fantasy.
Science fiction.svg This user enjoys reading science fiction.
CSL This user enjoys the works of C.S. Lewis.
Shakespeare.jpg This user believes that "all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players".
A lion similar to Aslan, the Lion This user loves The Chronicles of Narnia, both the books and the movies.
HP This user is a Harry Potter fan.
S This user is a Slytherin.
Answer to Life.png This user knows The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user's homeworld likes to think that it is mostly harmless, but it is, in practice, devastatingly dangerous.
DON'T PANIC Through a time warp this user edits the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Towel blue decorativepattern closeup.jpg
This user is a hoopy frood who really knows where their towel is.
LOTR This user loves The Lord of the Rings, just the film trilogy, not the books.
Video-x-generic.svg This user enjoys films.
mach This user watches machinima.
American.b777.rearview.arp.750pix.jpg "Surely this user can't be serious?"
Austin Powers logo.png This user is a fan of the Austin Powers film series. Yeah, baby, yeah!
BluesBrothers.png This user is on a mission from God.
IMF This user is gonna need some anti-freeze.
Aladdin chokladask praliner.jpg This user believes life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.
Cocktail1.jpg This user likes their Martinis shaken, not stirred.
Kong This user could lick the world.
Little Shop of Horrors gore.JPG This user is a man-eating talking plant.
ND This user is
pretty good with a bo staff.
Hoopla! This user is a Rocky Horror fanatic.
Matrix This user took the red pill, not the blue pill.
MiB.svg A person is smart; people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it!
STAR WARS This user is a true Star Wars fan, and as one, doesn't have any problem with comparing the films to each other.
Phmdarthmaul.jpg This user actually liked The Phantom Menace.
AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport).jpg
This user wishes they owned an
\  /
This user wants a Star Destroyer
STAR WARS This user would shoot Greedo first.
Fighting lightsabres.jpg This user is interested in the belief that there is no light or dark side of the Force, but only a single Unifying Force.
StarWars NPOV logo.svg
This user knows that the power of both symbols can lead to the balance of a lightsaber. You are now dismissed.
This user secretly wants to be the White Power Ranger
rvb This user is a Red vs. Blue fanatic.
Caboose This user likes food-nap time.
Donut This user believes that it's not pink; it's lightish red!
STAR TREK SBD1138 is a fan of Star Trek. ST
trek This user is a Trekkie or Trekker.
Wikisphere assimilated.jpg This user has been assimilated. Resistance is futile.
San Diego Comic-Con 2011 - giant animated Transformers Optimus Prime statue (Hasbro booth) (5993391638).jpg This user is a heroic Autobot.
her? This user is a fan of Arrested Development.
Friends logo.svg This user is a fan of Friends.
#270 Vandalized Wikipedia
Sorry! - Earl Hickey
Flag of the United States.svg
This user likes both the British and American versions of The Office. W.H.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
SEIN This user is obsessed with Seinfeld... not that there's anything wrong with that!
70s This user thinks anyone who doesn't like That '70s Show is a dumbass.
SNL This user would like to give some important advice on surviving a from New York, it's Saturday Night!!
Oso.jpg This user knows that bears are Godless killing machines.
TDS This user watches the most trusted name in fake news.
FG This user thinks Family Guy is freakin' sweet.
FOP This user is a fan of The Fairly OddParents.
d'oh! This user thinks The Simpsons is simply...excellent.
This user really likes Code Lyoko, and doesn't care that 90% of people call it a kids' show.
Yin yang.svg This user likes Xiaolin Showdown
LilyMu This user was going to become Kappa Mikey, but his lottery ticket was blown out of his pocket.
Comic-sketch.jpg This user enjoys comics.
C&H This user reads Calvin and Hobbes.
The Far Side This user reads The Far Side.
G This user does not like Mondays.
nin-1 This user is a Genin.
Konoha.GIF This user is a Leaf Villager.
忍者 This user lives by his/her own Way of The Ninja.
Bobobo This user has the power of the Fist of the Nose Hair.
This user is a fan of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT.
JR One Piece small.png This user is a One Piece fan.
遊戯王 This user enjoys Yu-gi-oh: The Abridged Series... In America!
Omi!.gif This user watches Xiaolin Showdown.
Flag of the United States This user is proud to be a United States citizen.
Flag-map of the United States.svg This user has visited 6 of the 50 United States. 6
Flag of California.svg
US-NationalParkService-Logo.svg This user has visited one or more of the United States' National Parks.
Sun01.svg This user prefers warm weather.
Heart.gif This user would like to wish you a happy Valentine's Day.
Irish clover.jpg This user would like to wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day.
mum This user would like to wish all the mothers of the world a happy Mother's day.
Face-wink.svg This user would like to wish you a happy April Fool's Day.
Easter-Eggs.jpg This user would like to wish you a happy Easter.
Flag of the United States.svg This user would like to wish you a happy 4th of July.
KatrinaNewOrleansFlooded edit2.jpg Hurricane Katrina
May we never forget…
Red white blue ribbon1.png In Memoriam: 9/11
Lest we forget…
Jack-o'-Lantern 2003-10-31.jpg This user would like to wish you a happy Halloween.
World War I veteran Joseph Ambrose, 86, at the dedication day parade for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1982.jpg This user would like to wish you a memorable Veterans Day.
Fiber-optic Christmas tree.jpg This user puts up an artificial Christmas tree.
This user is polite and expects others to act accordingly.
Crystal kthememgr.svg This little tag you are reading is a userbox.
Crystal-fade.png This user doesn't think all userboxes should go away but wishes the boxwar would.
Crystal kthememgr.svg This user needs just one more userbox on their page!
MORE This user has more userboxes.
Crystal package.png This user needs more userboxes. MORE, I tell you, more!!! Muhahaha!
Crystal Clear app kcmdf.png This user likes to use redundant userboxes that are redundant.
ubx This user uses userboxes.
ubx-5 This user uses entirely too many userboxes.
Ouroboros.png This user has no userboxes on their userpage.
Mmm, userboxes This user thinks that more Wikipedians would like userboxes if they were edible.
Uncyclopedia logo notext.svg For those obsessed with humor and parody, SBD1138 also has a user page on Uncyclopedia.
Clown chili peppers.jpg This user is a member of the Wikipedia Department of Fun.
WPC This user will get around to being a member of the Wikipedian Procrastination Club
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is a Wikipedian.
Admin mop question.svg This user is not a Wikipedia administrator but would like to be one someday.
No Vandalism.svg This user has a zero tolerance policy on vandalism.
This user is proud
to be a Wikipedian.
Peace symbol.svg This user does not understand mean people. Please be nice.
Face-angel.svg This user assumes good faith.
Face-angel.svg This user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.
Quality, not quantity. This user believes that a user's edit count does not necessarily reflect on the value of their contributions to Wikipedia.
EW0 This user has not experienced any edit wars and does not wish to be involved in any.
Small scream.png This user spends far too much time editing their user page.
Face-grin.svg This user has a sense of humour and shows it on their userpage.
J This user trusts Jimbo.
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg The English Wikipedia has 5,518,165 articles.